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Got caught up in another section of my fic yesterday evening, loosing too much time to make starting to write feasible - I couldn't have accomplished much, if anything, in the less than an hour of time I still had left before needing to go to bed.

So, I knocked out 1.300+ words tonight in an attempt to make up for lost time, and all of that after spontaneously changing the plan/my source material of choice for the part of the scene I am working on, because I suddenly didn't feel the source I had picked out before fit what I wanted to write any longer. Thankfully I got lucky and found a substitute I like a lot more rather quickly, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to cover as much as I managed to.
Since the new material is a good 20 minutes longer than my original one, I only managed to write to about half of it tonight, but the added length also gives me the chance to build up to the climax a bit slower, which is nice :)

Other than that, I figured out what I want to write next and how I'm going to write it during a leisurely stretching session this morning, so I'm pretty satisfied with what I accomplished today.
Now I'll only have to stop getting caught up with re-reading my fic and do a lot more writing instead (life permitting, that is... I hardly know how to get my to-dos for the day done, so I'm rather lucky if I actually manage to carve out an hour or two for writing these days *sigh*).
And now, I'm off to catch a few hours of badly needed sleep :)
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