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Just a quick update today.
With the 24 hour of the day being far too short to get everything I *should* be doing actually done, I had to skip writing again yesterday - this time in favour of torturing myself with X-bar-diagrams, instead of enjoying re-reading my own fic. ;)

I managed to squeeze in a bit more than an hour of writing today, but despite not getting as much done as I had originally planned, I'll call it a day now. I'm dead on my feet and have a couple of things to do still before I'll finally be able to go to bed.

I just hope that I'll be able to get a nap in tomorrow afternoon, thereby catching enough energy to last me through a lengthy writing-session tomorrow, hopefully helping me to make up for all the time I lost this week.

Date: 2017-05-25 10:19 pm (UTC)
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Hope you got that nap!


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