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Total Words Written: 235.349

And my last update for this week.
I managed to write a bit more than I have anticipated, but at the same time am not nearly as far into the scene as I had originally planned (and hoped) to be.

On the bright side, though, I've managed to actually catch up with my waiting comments and posts until the start of June, so I've had some rather productive days recently all things considered.

As usual, I won't have the time to write tomorrow, so that's another set-back in my tentative schedule for the last leg of my fic. In a very optimistic moment I had anticipated being done with writing the monster mid July... well, I think we can rule that out by now. I hope to get a lot more writing done once uni is over, but with exams approaching rapidly, I'll be happy if I actually manage to reach my temporary word-goal at the end of June. So I might actually write less than anticipated this month, and end up with more to write left in July, possibly even into August... *sighs*
Sometimes I wonder if I'll EVER get this thing done and off to my lovely beta.

But worrying about that doesn't change the facts, right? So I'll just keep writing as much as I can in the time I can set aside for it for now.

See you guys on Monday! Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!
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