Feb. 14th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 134.040

Okay, I think I have covered all urgently pressing open questions, and will be able to advance my plot tomorrow. Wo-hoo!
And for once I actually have an idea what I'll need to write to get where I need my boys to be. (I swear, stretching "workouts" really are a god-sent in terms of plotting! Half an hour of nothing but me, my crazy mind, and some vague ideas shaping into something I can work with... heaven!)

Additional good news: the general idea for another fic has lodged itself in my head, and over the past few days I managed to work out a very rough plot outline and -thanks to quite a bit of inspiration coming at me through my TV- I have sketched a few basic scenes out as well. So, if the current monster will be finished someday, there are not one, but two fics waiting to be written! :D

And if that's not enough, I actually managed to start working through my waiting pile of comments, posts,... I hope to have the time to catch up on a few more before starting my writing session tomorrow (that is, if contrary to the past 10 years, Himself doesn't ignore Valentine's Day for once... which most assuredly won't happen, never fear ;) )

Yes, I think I'll mark today down as a productive one ;)


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