Feb. 16th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 137.851

All right, I'll have to admit it now - no matter how well pantsing that whole thing has worked out overall these past months, writing with a plan is a joy!
I might never be the person to completely plan out a story before starting to write, but holy hell, having a good grip on what I want to get written next makes the whole process go so much more smoothly.

I passed my daily word goal today without even noticing it after roughly an hour - these past weeks the same amount took me nearly twice as long on average, and because I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to include, I got 2000+ words written in the same time I usually need to reach my goal.

Feels good, let me tell you :)

Let's see if tomorrow will go just as smoothly (despite the best of plans I have just written something that I didn't anticipate. Nothing big, plot altering, mind you, but still a surprising revelation during a conversation I'll need to work into the bigger picture -or delete again).

In other news - I managed to work my way through quite a bit of your comments and posts as well this evening. Depending on what my day looks like tomorrow I might just find enough time to finally completely catch up (and get to treat myself with finally reading the fics/chapters still waiting to be read!) ;)


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