Feb. 28th, 2017

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I have been out of sight (though hopefully not out of mind) these last days.
It turned out that the exam I'll be taking on Thursday requires a LOT more studying than I anticipated.... (of course it did... it always does *rolls eyes at herself*)

Anyway, I actually wanted to spend this evening giving my brain a break and get some writing done, but alas, I opted to go climbing instead this afternoon, so I'm stuck with doing this instead tonight:

And yes - if I had known that I would have to torment my poor self with geography, I sure as fuck wouldn't have signed up for that exam... Damn!

So, if anyone of you has a handy trick how I'll be able to wrap my head around locating the individual states on the map of the US, please do share! (As it stands, I feel reasonable confident that I might be able to locate Texas, California and possibly Florida... which really doesn't help my confidence about passing the test at all...........)

Anyway, I wanted to say I'm more or less alive still, I'm thinking about you and I'll be back catching up with you on Thursday (hopefully) or Friday (at the very latest)!

*hugs you all*


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