Mar. 13th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 167.267

So what is it that they say about even the best laid plans? Exaxtly - the go astray.
And since I'm in no way counting my plans to be among the best... let's just say it's not surprising that I haven't managed to write actual sex.

But never fear, it's *cough cough* coming :D

Thanks to having to go to bed fucking early tomorrow, I may not be able to get some writing in - which is particularly annoying since I've been so happy to *not* have to wait 48 hours to be able to write the sex I'm so looking forward to writing ... just to find myself in exactly that situation now *sigh*

Ah well, maybe I'll manage against all odds to crave out an hour or so for writing tomorrow evening...
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Total Words Written: 168.031

Just a very quick update - thanks to my damn professor uploading tomorrow's slides about 5 seconds ago, I had enough time to reach my word goal for today!

Yay for that - but booooooo for having to transform the stupid slides into something printable NOW, meaning I'll sure as hell won't get my planned 7 hours sleep tonight *grrrr*


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