Mar. 16th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 170.225

In what I'm sure will be the continuing theme of this semester, we once again have my professor to thank for me reaching today's word goal. As I was waiting for her to finally upload tomorrows slides, I typed out 700+ words, thus making sure I wasn't falling behind on my writing schedule, and the boys having a few paragraphs worth of carnal fun ;)

I think, we can agree on this being a good thing all around :D

Additional good news today: Himself will be (or at least plans to) copying all my data from this laptop to my new one sometime this week, thus finally ridding me of that sluggish, lagging hell of a computer and making the process of writing (and working for uni, but that's not nearly as important) so much more enjoyable (at least I hope the new one won't have as many quirks and glitches as this one)!
Though I have been warned that the process might take some time and that I therefore might miss out on writing for an evening *gasps*. My cunning plan: I'll try to talk him into doing it on Sunday when I most likely won't find the time for writing anyway ;)

And with that bit of information I'll leave you lovelies for tonight... I'm off to bed! :)


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