Mar. 22nd, 2017

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As I had anticipated, I didn't manage to write on Sunday (and most likely won't be able to in the foreseeable future *sigh*), but I did get half of my word-goal written yesterday while I was waiting for my professor to upload the slides for today. Logging it at around 350 words written that didn't amount to much, but some words are better than none, right?

So, I planned to get stuff done today. Well... Yes and no.
Let's look at the statistics first, yes?

Total Words Written: 174.710

Overall a good amount, if you take into account that my tentative plan was (and is) to reach 200.000 at the end of April.
Anyway, back to today.

I managed to get a bit more than 1000 words written, thus adding at least what I didn't get done yesterday to today's count, so that's good.
I could have written more, quite frankly, but I got distracted.

Well, on Sunday, Himself finally set up my "new" laptop, so I moved all my stuff here and am currently getting used to Windows 10 and all its lovely features (aka I'm browsing the app-store marvelling at what other people think one might need on a PC *LOL*) and that cut into my writing time big time. But never mind.
At least I now have a running computer that doesn't lag like mad, even though it sounds like it might explode on me any second (the joy of inheriting second hand laptops *sigh*)!

I'm hoping to get a good amount written tomorrow as well, but I'm not too confident knowing what I have to work through for uni before Thursday rolls around. But we'll see, and I'm guessing I'll at least be able to get enough written to reach the "half of what I should reach" mark while waiting for another professor to upload another set of slides (IF I don't get distracted by this feature or that again).

So, in short: I'm still alive, I'm still writing and I have a more-or-less new laptop to work on ;)


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