Mar. 24th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 176.754

I had originally planned to finally finish up the chapter I've been writing on for ages tonight, and had it all figured out (and more or less written in my head - thank's to a lovely half-hour stretching routine that lend itself to let my thought roam and plan out what I still wanted to include), but as so very often, life had other plans.

I'm still stuck with having to write a secene before I can move on to the next chapter, a scene I've been very much looking forward to writing, but I have written a rough outline and parts of dialoge for a future scene/chapter, leaving me with ~950 words of draft on top of the roughly 1.000 words I added to my word count in the last hours. So that's quite a lot I've got done today, particularly when considering that I am dead tired and could actually fall asleep sitting upright at the moment.

I hope I'll get the chapter finished up tomorrow, and I hope I'll finally have the time to get back on all the comments and posts waiting for me in my inbox as well. (But first, I'll have a nap after uni tomorrow. Yes we will, precious!)

And with that, I'm off for tonight! Let's hope I'll sleep better today than I did the last few days. I'd really need it.


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