Mar. 31st, 2017

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Total Words Written: 181.413

You probably won't believe it, but PLOT has been written today!
And I do mean the actual, real, story-furthering, setting-things-in-motion kind of plot!
What a... suprise :D

And depending on how much time and energy I'll have to spare tomorrow (on top of finally catching up with all your posts, comments and PNs!) I might even finish that particular scene...
I smell progress in the air :D

So, there's that, now on to other things:
For those of you reading this who hail from the UK, I have a particularly stupid question: if you're talking, what is your upper lip doing? :D
I know, crazy question, but bear with me for a second, will you?

To explain my weirdness: I'm trying to loose my Austrian accent and adopt a more British pronunciation. I'll need to get the Austrian in my English (more or less) completely out anyway sooner or later, and since I'll have to do a phonetic transcription in one of my exams at the end of the semester, I'll at least have to get a bit more British-sounding over the course of the next months in order to pass that damn thing (again! I've actually done this part years ago, but thanks to changes to the curriculum I'll have to do it all again now and with a way more precise, close transcription, much to my detriment *sigh*). So I'm currently steeping myself in everything British, and have changed my TV habits from my late-night-while-writing "watching" of CNN Int. to BBC World News... and while doing so, I think to have noticed that you guys hardly move your upper lip while speaking (at least compared to me while speaking both German or English). So, I thought I'll ask if you could confirm that particular observation? Am I on the right track here?

And another side note to those of you who have read my rant this morning - the slides are STILL not up. Not that it matters now, but... just saying ;)

And with that I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll manage to catch my targeted 7 hours of sleep for once tonight!


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