Apr. 1st, 2017

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Total Words Written: 182.134

As I did the last couple of days, I stopped writing after hitting my daily word-goal. The week's stress is taking its toll on my writing, or rather on the amount of time I'm able and willing to spend with the story. But since I'm pretty much ahead in terms of my self-appointed word-goal of 200.000 until the end of April, I've found peace with logging in at around 650 words written each day, no matter if I could keep on writing idea-wise or not.

And, with Camp NaNo kicking off tomorrow, I'll have additional motivation to reach my writing goals over the course of the next month. I've decided to attempt a goal of 20.000 words during Camp NaNo, which is slightly less than the 25.000 I originally planned on doing, but which will still put me a couple thousand words over the 200.000 work-mark at the end of the month.
And with Easter holidays just a week away, I might actually have the time and motivation to inofficially tackle the 25.000 words during NaNo anyway :)

Aaaaand - I'm rambling :) Sorry.
I'm in desperate need of a couple hours of good sleep, to make my brain function properly again. And that's exactly what I'm trying to get now :)


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