Apr. 15th, 2017


Apr. 15th, 2017 02:30 am
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Can we just take a second to talk about the pic Orlando posted on his Instagram yesterday?

Tell me, folks! Am I really the only one who isn't thinking about the "seen when the sun shines while it rains"-definition of rainbow when seeing the picture, but is rather thinking about the other (way more interesting) connotation this kind of rainbow carries these days?!

Am I? Really?!
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Total Words Written: 192.822

I've successfully crossed the half-way mark for Camp NaNo tonight, despite not writing as much as I originally wanted.
Somehow playing around with Dreamwidth, creating new icons and just generally getting a feel for how things work over (t)here took up a lot of the time I had set aside for writing.
Ah well, never mind :)

I'm very excited about incorporating a (fun?) turn that sprung to mind today while I was doing my stretching routine into the scene/conversation I'm working on at the moment. I hope to reach the point where it might fit in tomorrow... and am very curious to see where this piece of information will lead me. Or if it doesn't work in the story at all and only sounded like a nice twist in my head.

(Or maybe I'll come up with something completely different tomorrow?! You never know where my brain decides to wander while I'm doing my stretches ;D )

Well, we're going to find out, won't we?

PS: Does anyone of you lovelies know if I can change the mood-icons at Dreamwidth and if so, how? *frowns* I don't like those squares, I think...
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Well well, hasn't today's Instastory installment yielded quite a bit of interesting information? ;)

Thanks to his little video we now know:

* that our dear Orlando is sleeping shirtless (or more? ;) Oh, I love the idea of him wearing a lot less while filming this video *giggles*)

* the exact way he sounds when he's happily groaning while stretching out on his pillow (of course only of interest from a purely academic point of view for us writers, right? It's pure research! We need to know which sounds we're trying to capture in our stories after all!)

* that he's wearing a clear retainer while sleeping, which in turn means he's either straightening his teeth (or working on keeping them straight) or he is prone to grinding his teeth while asleep... (particularly the latter would be quite a nice touch to incorporate a fic, wouldn't you say?)

Sometimes I really enjoy living in a time where "stars" post the most strange/entertaining/informative videos online. Back in those days before social media we never would have seen Orlando putting in his retainer... or in bed outside of a PR context... :D

(And when exactly has my timeline become a collection of Orlando-on-Instragram posts?!)


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