Apr. 22nd, 2017

amruniel: (writing)

Total Words Written: 199.214

Well... that's what I call a productive writing session.
I can't believe I managed to write 1.000+ words despite me having not a single clue what I wanted to write, or how I wanted to end that scene/chapter.
And I'm really happy with what I came up with, too!

Consider me surprised!

Also, the way I ended the scene now actually turned out to be a good place to end the chapter as well... Well. Actually, now that I'm typing it, another idea has sprung to mind, but I think I could put it in a kind of backflash-thingy at the beginning of the next chapter.
Oh yes, yeah, that seems to be a great way to start the next chapter, actually. Ha!

Great, now I do know what I'm going to write tomorrow as well! Woo-hoo!!!
(I knew typing these updates would one day turn out to be good for something else than just clogging up your reading/friends pages!)


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