Apr. 25th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 201.193

As those of you actually taking a good look at these updates might have noticed, I have upped my personal word-goal challenge to 250.000 words. The current plan is to hit that number by the end of June, that is if my story doesn't come to an end before that (which I currently doubt, but who knows... I might suddenly develop the talent to keep myself short and tell the tale I want to tell without any additional fanfare....)

In other news, my Easter break has officially come to an end *sigh*, so I'm back to the "may or may not find the time to write today"-situation for at least two or three days of the week.
And despite my best intentions, I naturally didn't get my research and planning for the build-up to the main action done during the last two weeks, so I'm back to more or less winging it until inspiration strikes, and/or I finally sit my butt down and do some of said research.

Ah well, that at least should keep you entertained while I'm complaining about my characters running off in every imaginable direction again ;)
Sounds like fun, right??!


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