May. 6th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 211.921

Just a quick update today since I'll have to get up way earlier than I'd like to on a Saturday tomorrow and therefore should get my butt into bed ASAP.

Writing went rather well today, despite me winging it without any real idea of what I wanted to write when I started out. I knew I needed some sort of bridging between where I left off yesterday and what I'm going to write as the (this time really!) last scene of the chapter, but I really had no idea what this bridge could be.

Well, the boys did step up to the challenge admirably and nearly wrote that part themselves, so I'm not complaining about them taking the initiative this time ;)

And with that, and the very lovely outlook on writing sex tomorrow (YES!), I'm going to try to get my brain to shut down and sleep now :)


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