May. 9th, 2017

amruniel: (writing)

Total Words Written: 213.459

Still no sex written *sigh* - but, we're getting there!
Viggo has finally figured out what he wants to do to mark the occasion, and now we're busy setting up the scene ... quite literally in my case, a bit more figuratively in his ;)

But now that I'm in the know of what the good man has planned, I'm very much enthusiastic about the idea. I think this should be fun to write (even more than just "plain" sex *giggles*)!!!

As usual, and very much expected by now, that damn woman hasn't uploaded tomorrow's slides - AGAIN! *grumbles*
I swear to god, this person is turning my hair gray prematurely!!! (I will SO find a way to write her into that fic and get my sweet revenge... even if it kills me! *hrmpf*)

Ah well, then I'll take the time to get some other stuff done in the meantime... it isn't as if my to-do list isn't a monster anyway... *sigh*
(And yes, somehow finding the time to answer your comments and PMs is on there as well! Be patient with me, my dears! *hugs*)


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