May. 10th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 214.558

Writing took a lot longer than I thought it would today, so this will be rather short.
Fighting to ignore a persistent and annoying headache and the general feeling of a cold possibly sneaking up on me isn't the best frame of mind to get coherent sentences down on paper (or the screen in this case), let me tell you.

And while I surprisingly wrote a lot more than I thought I have, I only managed to finish setting up the scene, and didn't get around to writing the actual good stuff. (You wouldn't believe how much research what Viggo came up with/I have in mind needed... I even had to rope in Himself and made (hopefully) good use of his expertise - at last his studying what he is studying pays off for me :D)

Anyway, cross your fingers that a good night's sleep helps me get rid of the headache and manages to kill the suspected cold off for good before it has a chance to really get a hold of me, and I'll be back with some sex written this time tomorrow ;)


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