May. 11th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 215.391

As I suspected, this is fun.
I've never written that way, and I rather suspect that I won't be able to do the scene and the accompanying inspiration the justice it deserves, but it is a really interesting challenge I greatly enjoy.

I haven't been able to get far into the scene, having had to do some last-minute research and changes to my original plan because what I managed to find yesterday didn't completely fit to what I needed/what I envisioned after all, but I think I found a very good piece to work with now, and can't wait to see where the inspiration it provides me with will take me once the scene grows and evolves.

The maybe-on-its-way cold seems to have been properly subdued for the time being after I effectively killed the persisting headache with a heavy workout session (I suspect I drowned both the headache as well as any possible cold-viruses in sweat LOL) ... let's hope it stays that way so I can write a bit more (and tease you a bit more) tomorrow :D
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Total Words Written: 216.201

Exactly 810 words later I have managed to cover a time-frame that comes in with 15 minutes tops. More around 12, I'd say.
(Good 12 minutes for the boys, I hope!)
That leaves me with roughly one hour of "material" left I'll still have to fill with... well, delicious torture and thrilling pleasures, I should hope.

This definitely is a challenge, but, wow!, it's so cool to write like that, simply reacting and accommodating, creating a whole scene under the terms of some outward force telling me where to take events in order to make them (hopefully) seamlessly fit in the end.

I can't wait to see where the source will take me next!


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