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I love baking! It's one of my most favorite past-times and helped me get through tough times.
Even in the middle of my worst depressions I could find some peace and solace while measuring and mixing, icing and decorating.

I have no idea why, but somehow baking speaks to me on a subconscious level. I love the feeling of kneading dough, I adore the precision of decorating cookies and cakes. And who couldn't love the smell of a cake or pastry baking?

I'm usually not a particularly patient person, but when dealing with decorations or measuring exact amounts of ingredients, I can gladly lose myself in minute details, no-one but me gives a damn about.

Below the cut I'll give you a glimpse into the things I've baked these last few months...

Pictures of yummy things ;) )

I usually can't eat what I create (thank you, fructose intolerance *pffffft*), but I like baking so much I don't really care about that little fact (and I can't get fat from what I can't eat ... so I selflessly help the people around me gain weight :D ).

And before you ask - I'm completly pants at cooking! There is NO relation between these two things at all! ;)


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