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All right, I haven't written a single word those last four days. That's the longest I have gone without working on this fic since November 1st.
But I had -more or less- good reasons ;) First, I had to watch the Golden Globes - I mean, Viggo being nominated, that's a good reason, right? (And oh boy, did Henry miss out in the lottery of genes! Poor lad...) (And what a SHAME Viggo didn't win the Globe! He would have deserved it so, so much!!!!) The next day I squeezed in all the uni work I wanted to do during winter break into a single (slightly panicky) day, which effectively prevented me from doing ANYTHING else. Well, and the next two days I went to bed so very early I didn't recognize myself in hopes of catching up on all the sleep I missed during the last two months or so :D

Today, I finally found the time to sit down in front of my laptop again, and managed to type 1.400 words or so. No sex, though. :D

I'll most likely miss out on a few additional days writing during the next two weeks or so, since I got the strong advice to take my History of English exam at the first sitting, since the questions seem to be the easiest then - which completely throws my wholy study plan, since I originally planned to sit the exam at the beginning of March, not on January 31st *sigh*

But I'll try my best to keep on a more or less regular schedule - just as I'll try to get to answering all my waiting comments and comment on all that you've posted over the course of the last days as soon as I can!!!!!!

*hugs everybody*


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