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In a stunning turn of events, you all find myself still alive and kicking ;)

I know, it must have seemed as if the earth has opened up and swallowed me up without any warning, and for that I'm really sorry. I want to apologize particularly to those of you who worried about me, sent me PMs, etc.! Mea culpa!

For those of you happy to know I'm still here and not interested in anything more, I'd suggest to stop reading here now and go on to do something you'd rather do :)

For everyone else - here's a (short and inadequate) explanation:

As you might remember, my last post was on June 20th, where I (probably drunk on some celebratory birthday bubbly) stated I was hopeful to manage to keep on writing halfway regularly despite the exam looming...
...well, no.
Turned out, there was WAY more material to study than I had anticipated. As in TONS more. That woman drove me crazy over the course of the semester, but she really, really hit rock bottom in my favours during those last 10 days of June.
So, I more or less spent the remainder of the month non-stop studying, with the occasional break for food or sleep.
I somehow managed to actually got summing up the material done the night before the exam, with less than 24 hours of "real" study time on my hands. Despite that, the exam went rather well after all (having the first look at the questions my the prof went up a notch in my favours again, let me tell you ;) ).

Riding on a high after having finished the semester FINALLY, I actually did fire up the computer shortly before midnight on the 30th and created a cabin at CampNaNo for me. I really was all psyched up about tackling another month of writing and possibly even get the whole fic as close to finished as possible.

Fast forward to the next day and I found myself in the situation to really, really, really have no energy left to do anything, least of all to make myself turn on the computer and tackle Day 1 of CampNaNo. I, for the first time in months and months, couldn't make myself even THINK about the fic. I was too tired, too wrung out.

If I have learned any lesson those past years, then to listen to my body and my mind when they tell me it's too much. So, for once, I did the sensible thing and decided to give myself the weekend off and start tackling the writing a couple days late.

On Monday, I honestly didn't feel much better about writing. I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea to go back to the story and wrestle the scene I was writing into something I actually liked. I had no inclination, no impetus, and frankly no energy to sit down and struggle through something I wasn't feeling at the moment, just for the sake of hitting some arbitrary word-goal I had self-imposed on myself.
And truth to be told, it wasn't just the writing - it was the very simple act of switching on the computer that seemed like too much of an effort for me.

I was tired, unhappy, unmotivated and altogether in no mood to even browse the internet, let alone engage with people or do something productive.

I promised myself to get back to it the next day on a daily basis, but each and every new day I lacked the motivation to do anything. It just felt RIGHT to not be writing for the moment. To not be posting stuff or reading posts or browse or just generally kill time in front of the screen.

Then Himself told me he would go on a week-long climbing tip with a friend of our the next week, and I found myself in the funny situation of life imitating art big time. In the fic, I have two OCs that are based on exactly those two people leaving for a climbing vacation... and now the real them actually did the same.
A sign, right?
So, I was pretty adamant about me using the time alone to make up for lost writing-time and hammer out a couple thousand words each day.

That was, until I actually found myself alone and all my good plans going down the drain due to immense demotivation and the bad timing that led to me discovering a new YouTube channel I got obsessed with. A channel that has been in existence for 11 years, so you can guess how many videos there are for me to catch up on....

So, another week went by with me NOT firing up the computer.

Then, Himself was back again, and with him a couple of things we had to attend, a few outings we wanted to do, and a handful of evenings spent doing nothing at all, just enjoying the summer, the rest of the month passed as well, hardly noticed by me.

And now, it's August and I am... back, but not back?
I certainly needed the time off the computer and away from my story, and while it completely threw my intended schedule off, the interruption also freed me from said schedule, giving me enough peace of mind to be okay with the fic possibly not being finished during the summer, and possibly even not finished before the next "real" NaNoWriMo.

So, my plan for now is to enjoy (and survive) the current heat wave, and try to get some writing done here and there with no set schedule or fixed word-goals for the moment until I get back into the flow or hit a part of the story that forces me to keep on writing and regularly at that.

I will, however, try to set aside an evening or two each week to work my way through the waiting posts and comments that have accumulated over the past months.
In short, I'll be here and yet not here for the foreseeable future, and as usual I'll keep you updated on any writing that gets done around here :)

I hope you're all having a lovely, wonderful and relaxing summer!
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Total Words Written: 181.413

You probably won't believe it, but PLOT has been written today!
And I do mean the actual, real, story-furthering, setting-things-in-motion kind of plot!
What a... suprise :D

And depending on how much time and energy I'll have to spare tomorrow (on top of finally catching up with all your posts, comments and PNs!) I might even finish that particular scene...
I smell progress in the air :D

So, there's that, now on to other things:
For those of you reading this who hail from the UK, I have a particularly stupid question: if you're talking, what is your upper lip doing? :D
I know, crazy question, but bear with me for a second, will you?

To explain my weirdness: I'm trying to loose my Austrian accent and adopt a more British pronunciation. I'll need to get the Austrian in my English (more or less) completely out anyway sooner or later, and since I'll have to do a phonetic transcription in one of my exams at the end of the semester, I'll at least have to get a bit more British-sounding over the course of the next months in order to pass that damn thing (again! I've actually done this part years ago, but thanks to changes to the curriculum I'll have to do it all again now and with a way more precise, close transcription, much to my detriment *sigh*). So I'm currently steeping myself in everything British, and have changed my TV habits from my late-night-while-writing "watching" of CNN Int. to BBC World News... and while doing so, I think to have noticed that you guys hardly move your upper lip while speaking (at least compared to me while speaking both German or English). So, I thought I'll ask if you could confirm that particular observation? Am I on the right track here?

And another side note to those of you who have read my rant this morning - the slides are STILL not up. Not that it matters now, but... just saying ;)

And with that I'm off to bed. Maybe I'll manage to catch my targeted 7 hours of sleep for once tonight!
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I have been out of sight (though hopefully not out of mind) these last days.
It turned out that the exam I'll be taking on Thursday requires a LOT more studying than I anticipated.... (of course it did... it always does *rolls eyes at herself*)

Anyway, I actually wanted to spend this evening giving my brain a break and get some writing done, but alas, I opted to go climbing instead this afternoon, so I'm stuck with doing this instead tonight:

And yes - if I had known that I would have to torment my poor self with geography, I sure as fuck wouldn't have signed up for that exam... Damn!

So, if anyone of you has a handy trick how I'll be able to wrap my head around locating the individual states on the map of the US, please do share! (As it stands, I feel reasonable confident that I might be able to locate Texas, California and possibly Florida... which really doesn't help my confidence about passing the test at all...........)

Anyway, I wanted to say I'm more or less alive still, I'm thinking about you and I'll be back catching up with you on Thursday (hopefully) or Friday (at the very latest)!

*hugs you all*

Fuck Yeah!

Feb. 8th, 2017 08:16 pm
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I've passed my exam!!!!!!!


Feb. 2nd, 2017 02:30 am
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I planned on starting February off the way I intend to go on - by writing/getting back into the habit of writing on a (near) daily basis.

Well - nope.

I spent the last three hours or so catching up on posts and comments waiting for me, and despite not even reading the fics still waiting for me, the clock somehow jumped to 2:30 a.m. which is WAY too late to start writing - even for me.


So, change of plans - I'll get back to being a good girl TOMORROW! (hopefully...)
Keep your fingers crossed, yes?
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Lovelies, I've survived my damn exam!

I am, however completely braindead and will therefore take the evening off :) I'll check in with all of you and the posts, fics (yaaaaaay!), and comments waiting for me tomorrow... and finally get back to my writing...

Hugs to you all!

And because it made my day so much brighter today, I'll leave this pic here despite you all obviously knowing it ;) :
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Today, I didn't do ANY studying. At all.
I feel like the biggest idiot on this planet for wasting valuable time by not really doing anything all day long. *sigh*
Time's flying by and I decide to do fuck all... how dumb can one person be?!

And despite doing nothing really important all day long I didn't even manage to write either. What a wasted day.
I'm really angry at myself at the moment :/

(On the plus side, I managed to reply to all comments/posts waiting for me. So that's something at least...)

Anyway - the worst thing: by doing no studying today I made sure to have to put in extra hours tomorrow, which is such a fucking bad timing since it's Himself's birthday :(
So I'm not only a bad student, but also a bad girlfriend. Yay. Way to go, you genius!


(And to top it off, I'm hungry, which really doesn't help my mood at all! *growls*)


May. 19th, 2016 02:29 am
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A quick hello and apologies for being MIA! Life, uni and job are driving me crazy at the moment, but I'll try to catch up with you all soon! *hugs to everybody*

Anyway - I wanted, no, needed (!) to share some pics with you I just spotted on my Facebook feed ;)

If you're looking for me, I'll be stupidly grinning under my tin hat ;)

Love you all! *hugs*
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*gasps* I can't believe the month's already over! I will really miss this!
Which leads us to my final entry.

29 - The Little Things

Some years ago my linguistics professor told us to "count your blessings, every evening!" - he, of course, followed this advice up with "and say your vowels", but that's not what stuck with me :)

Anyway - for quite some time these previous years I couldn't see any blessings in my life. I couldn't see past the pain and the anxiety, and I most of all couldn't see anything good happening around/to me.
Thankfully, this darkness has passed and I've gradually been able to notice the little things, the wonderful -sometimes magical- moments that life throws at each of us randomly, once more.

I still remember the day I got up and suddenly had a song stuck in my head. I know, this sounds like something really bad or at least very annoying, but for me it suddenly brought home a fact about me I had never noticed before: when I'm feeling good, there is always music flittering around in my head. And for quite some time before that day, this music had been missing without me noticing. While I've been dealing with my depression and my anxiety, I've constantly had things running through my head - things about what could happen, what could go wrong, what I did do wrong, etc., but never something even remotely uplifting or happy.
And then this one morning I got up and these thoughts were replaced by a silly song that hopped around in my brain and suddenly I could look out of the window and be happy that the sun was shining. I suddenly looked up and things seemed to be a bit brighter, a bit more friendly, a bit more welcoming.

Since that day, I cherish those annoying songs or part of songs getting stuck in my head. I now know that getting up with music on my mind means that I'm doing well. And if the song stuck in my head keeps me from falling asleep for a bit at night - no problem, I've had a good day mentally, and that's what matters.

These last months, nearly years, I have been able to notice the little things, the joy and beauty that can be found in the smallest things - and I've tried to consciously see them, to look for them and -what's more- be thankful for them. In a way, I finally listened to my beloved professor and started to count my blessings. And surprisingly enough, there are quite a few of them, even on the bad days.

Sometimes it's a beautiful sunset/sunrise, sometimes it's feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, sometimes it's a squirrel crossing my way, and sometimes it's the people I meet.

Typing this, I remembered an incident when I was in London nearly 8 years ago. We were doing the most touristy things possible and after a visit to the Tower of London, we simply HAD to see the Tower Bridge. I remember being dead tired on my feet after days spent walking around the city and nights of very little sleep. When we were ready to go up to the walkway there was a nice elder gentleman checking our tickets and - I still remember it as if it happened yesterday - when he gave me the ticket back, he smiled at me and told me to "have fun, sweetie". I'm sure he's said the same to hundreds or thousands of people, but this nice gesture lifted my spirits and stayed with me over the years. It's been the first time ever a stranger has called me anything nicer than "miss" and while it surely was nothing more than an empty phrase, it really made my day then.

It's the little things, the things that are often completely meaningless to others, that brighten our days, that spark our passions and that make us happy.

This Fandom Fest made me take a look at the many things that I have and which I love. It's been a real joy to take the time to think about things that are oftentimes overlooked or just so "normal" that I don't notice them any longer. I've had great fun doing this, and I'm thankful I decided commit myself to this reflection.

And before I post my last entry, I want to thank everybody who actually read me posts ;) - yes, that's you, [ profile] silvan_lady and [ profile] gattodoro! *hugs*
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28 - Oscars

For obvious reasons I've waited until today to mention my love for the Oscars.
I'm sitting here armed with a strong cup of coffee, waiting for the show to begin - or at least for the stars to arrive at the red carpet.

I sincerely hope that Leonardo DiCaprio will finally get his very well-deserved Oscar tonight. I want to write my bachelor's thesis about at least one Oscar-winning movie! (If I'm not allowed to write about LotR *sigh* *cries*, let me have that at least, please!)

As I mentioned yesterday, I dream about a career at the movies... and, obviously, getting nominated for the best-known film award is something I tend to daydream about from time to time :) (not to mention that I'd love to wear one of the wonderful dresses you need for an award show of this size and esteem ;) ).

Anyway - I've been an avid watcher of the televised award shows for the last 10+ years, and below the cut I'll give you my personal favourite Oscar moments ever.

Videos!!!! )
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27 - Films

I love films - always have, always will.
I started studying Theatre-, Film- and Media-Studies first and foremost because of the "film"-part. I've always liked theatre and quickly learned to love certain aspects of my theatre studies for their own sake. And media is so much part of our lives that it's hard not to be interested in them. But my first love has always been the movies.

I used to dream of a career in the film business. I've always seen myself as a kind of Peter Jackson of Austria ;) Not because I thought I could ever be as good as he is, but because I loved (and still love) the fact that he is director, writer and producer all in one. It's like the holy grail of making movies.
I actually worked in a film company for a few months and had a great time there. Sadly, the producer who took me under his wings turned out to be a bit of a backstabbing asshole, so my stint there was cut short even before we finished the first project I've been co-working on. It was a hard job, it sometimes brought me to my physical and mental limits, but it's been an experience I wouldn't want to miss for anything in the world.
Maybe one day when I'm doing better mentally I'll try to get back into the business. The good thing about film is that you're never too old to do it ;)

Anyway - very unsurprisingly my most favourite movies ever are the Lord of the Rings films. They are just perfect. In every way. Every time I watch them (and I watch them regularly *grins*) I'm deeply in awe by the genius work of PJ. Sadly, the Hobbit movies never even came close. I'd have loved to love them just as much, but it shouldn't have been, it seems.

Below the cut you'll find a bunch of other films I love!

Films ahead! )
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26 - Viggo's Art

One of the reasons I love Viggo so much is his versatility and creativity.
I love that he is so much more than "just" an actor. While I fell in love with his presence on screen, I very quickly learned that there is so much more to love in this man.

I envy his ability to express himself in paintings.
I adore his inclination to capture even the most mundane things on film, thus turning them into a timeless reminder of moments and feelings.
I'm deeply in awe of the way he uses words as a canvas of his emotions.

No wonder I spent the first paycheque of my "new" job on his books.
By now I'm the proud owner of 7 of his books and a few CDs. And I'm certain I'll purchase some more very soon.

My precious books ahead... )

I wish I were even a small percentage as talented and creatives as he is.

Viggo Mortensen, a true artist.
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25 - Tolkien

Obviously, I'm a huge Tolkien-geek. I've read LotR for the first time in early January 2003 - some weeks after I've been dragged to watch "Two Towers" in cinema, where I didn't understand ANYTHING about the story, couldn't distinguish between the Hobbits at all (until I've read the books I thought there were just 2 short guys with curly hair in the movie *snorts*), and fell asleep bored halfway through. The only thing I noticed: a sexy as hell rugged guy wielding a sword, and a very beautiful blonde guy who had quite some skills with a bow.
Anyway - after reading devouring all three books in slightly more than 48 hours, I've been hooked and things have just become more and more intense during the years to come :)

I've re-read LotR completely at least once every year since, and have selectively read parts of it again and again more often. These books never get boring.

And of course I've read quite a lot by Tolkien and about Tolkien ever since. He's just such an incredible writer and linguist all around. I'm always on the lookout for a new book by/about Tolkien and, fortunately, there's quite a steady stream of new things to discover.

Well, and then there are the films... There is so much additional literature to be had there. There is so much merch I love to bits and pieces. It's a dream for any film-student, let me tell you! ;)

There are quite a lot of scientific texts about both the movies as well as the books, which is another aspect about this fandom I love.

Anyway - while scrolling through the pics on my phone yesterday, I noticed that I snapped part of my Tolkien-collection for a friend of mine the last time I went through my books (I'm still trying to figure out a system to organize them... *sigh*). So I'll give you a glimpse into my craziness below the cut ;)

Books and Magazines! )
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24 - Sunrise & Sunset

I've always loved the moments when a day begins and ends.

Being a night-owl I think I can safely say that I've watched more sunrises than sunsets over the years. It's very easy to miss the moments when the sun leaves the sky - on a normal day we're usually busy with something else during this time of day. But sunsets are hard to miss - you notice the moment when the night leaves and the birds chirp their greeting to the coming day.

Over the last 10+ years I've taken pictures of more than a hundred sunsets and sunrises. I've had some of the most beautiful moments of my life during sunsets and sunrises - taking pictures of them are a way to remember these moments.

Under the cut I'll post a bunch of pics taken during the last 2+ years. They're not great and more often than not the colours don't do justice to the real beauty of them because they were all snapped with my phone.

Too many pics ahead--- brace yourself! )
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23 - Summer

I LOVE summer. Not just the time of year, but especially the temperature!

I'm a perpetually freezing person. I constantly battle cold hands, and more annoying: cold feet. And once my feet are cold there's no way of staying warm for the rest of my body. It's a nightmare. (And probably will sometime in a married future be the reason for divorce :D - I'm constantly shoving my poor frozen toes onto any available warm body part in reach... Himself has been known to shriek like a girl in the middle of the night after the first contact with my frosty limbs ;) )

I feel okay-ish in a temperature range between 20 and 25° Celsius. Anything below 24 means long sleeves, but I usually am okay with the world as long as temperatures stay above 20.
From 25 to 30° I'm good. Not perfect, but happy enough.
Things get great once the thermometer hits 30° Celsius. That's where I feel alive, and happy, and perfectly content with wearing tops or sleeveless dresses.

I know, almost everybody suffers in this kind of weather, but for me it's simply perfect! I don't think I could have been any happier with the heatwave 2015 :) All around me people were groaning and complaining and I was perfectly content and all was right with the world :)

So yeah, summer! Love! Happiness! Perfection!

Clickety-click for summer pics )

Since we're living right outside Vienna and therefore right next to the Danube there's also another side of summer we encounter pretty frequently: flooding.
We usually have one or two cases of high water during a normal summer. Most often it's nothing more than a few flooded basements in those houses built right next to the river. But every few years there are real high floods, and in 2013 we've had what the clever meteorologists termed a hundred-year flood (never mind that the last one of this size before the 2013 one was in 2002 *shrugs*).
Frankly? It's so amazing - any single time! Himself and I have been known to drive down to the river to go "flood watching" in the middle of the night when the water levels rise above their "usual" high water levels.
And -of course- we're on the scene when the flooding gets really bad - yes, we're weird like that ;) But then - we're certainly not the only ones! It's a sight to be seen!

Pics of the 2013 flood ahead )

Despite the somewhat regular "bad" sides, summer is definitely my favourite season!
I just hope it'll be hot again soon! ;)
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22- Bruce Springsteen

Or maybe the correct headline would be "Bruce Springsteen's Concerts". Thinking about it now I have to say that I hardly ever listen to Bruce on CD - I sometimes catch his songs on the radio, but that's it, really.

But then everybody who has seen him live will confirm this: his concerts are something else.
There is a huge difference between his published works and what that guy does on a stage. I've been to many concerts in my life, and I can say that his are without any shred of doubt second to none.

Sadly, he hardly ever stops by in Austria, so I have been to just three concerts in the last 12 years... but each of them was unique, inspiring and simply wonderful.
He certainly isn't the best singer around, that's for sure, but what that man does on a stage is breath-taking. I have never had the pleasure of watching anybody more in love with what he's doing right at that very moment - and I've never seen any music act so in touch with their audience. And this very special atmosphere is what makes his concerts so wonderful.

I've seen this guy play with the stadium-lights on because he should have ended the show an hour before, and still managing to have the whole audience eating out of his hand. There was no light-show, no special video-effects, just him and 50.000 people on their feet dancing the night away.
And I haven't experienced that feat once, but all three times.

It's a pleasure watching him, it's one of my most favourite ways of taking a break from whatever life has in store for me for three or more hours, and the energy these concerts gave me oftentimes lasted for weeks - even when I was battling my own demons at the same time.

And while this is in and of itself a feat, he also managed to make me cry during his last two concerts - something that I experience very seldom when dealing with music alone.
Yes, there are songs that made me cry, but that's usually because they resonate with something that bothers or occupies me at the time. So the music in these cases is just an extension or outlet of my current emotions. But music that makes my cry for no reason at all, just because it's perfect in this very moment? I hardly ever experience this. And it's even less likely that something like that happens in the middle of a crowd having a great time.
I'm not sure what it was that touched me in those moments, but I cherish them because they are so rare.

Videos below the cut )

I just hope that the Boss will come to Vienna again soon. I can't wait to get another chance of having a wonderful evening... And he isn't getting any younger, right? ;)
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Since my 19th post was dedicated to the male body, I guess it's only fair that number 20 belongs to -

20 - Women and the Female Body

Women are sexy. I love the female curves, I love their softness, I love their looks.

Contrary to men where I'm pretty fixed on which look I go for (blond or brown hair, blue or brown eyes, more or less androgynous, preferably with long(ish) hair), it varies quite a bit in women.

Some women I find incredibly sexy are:

Cote de Pablo

One of the most beautiful women on TV, I think. A great body, wonderful style and whenever she laughs it's like the sun goes up.

Liv Tyler

I adore her eyes. What a great colour! And frankly the whole face is to die for. It's not perfect -at least not in a classical definition-, but it fits her and ... ah well, she's gorgeous! I think I'm in love with the Snow-White look ;)

Emily Brett Rickards

A lovely girl and in her role as "Felicity" in the TV-series "Arrow" she's just a hottie. A nerdy hottie.

Kate Winslet

A beautiful lady that gets better-looking with any year that passes. I particularly adore her curves. She's sexy and she isn't afraid to show it :)

Cate Blanchett

What a woman! I'm regularly stunned speechless by her beauty and her sense of style. By far the best-dressed woman in Hollywood!  Another example for an incredibly beautiful woman whose face doesn't conform to "classic" beauty.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heaven

While she's certainly a beautiful woman in real life, it's her looks in KoH that I find particularly sexy. I love her dark-rimmed eyes and this beautiful face framed by the luscious curls.

So yeah, there's no rhyme and reason to my favoured female look :)

However, there are some things I generally love on a female body - and yes, "on" is being the operative word here. I usually favour a woman in a state of "near nakedness", rather than completely nude. I think it's incredibly sexy when women play with the imagination of the people looking at her.
Just think about the difference between a stripper and a burlesque artist - it's easy and a bit boring in the long run to simply take off your clothes, it's way more sexy if you don't show everything - if your nakedness is alluded to, rather than thrust in the audience's faces.

NSFW pics ahead )

So much for my tribute to the female forms.

Let's get to the next one...

21 - Pizza

Since it's Sunday, and Sunday is my traditional pizza-day I'll leave the recipe for the "best pizza dough EVER" (actual quote from a bunch of people who had a taste of my treasured pizza) here:

(Forgive me for using grams, millilitre and degree Celsius - I'm too tired to try to convert it... I usually fuck up big time even when in possession of all my mental facilities... it's better if I don't try to calculate it now :) )

For the dough you'll need:

250 millilitres warm water (I usually make it a bit on the hot-ish side, it cools down so quickly after all)
4-5 gram dry yeast (the recipe says 7 but I usually use less for better taste), or roughly 20 gram "normal" yeast
a teaspoon (granulated) sugar
350 gram all-purpose flour
a teaspoon salt
a tablespoon oil (I use extra virgin olive oil)

First step: mix yeast and sugar and 50 millilitres of the warm water, let the mixture rise at a warm place for 15 minutes

Second step: mix flour, salt, oil, the remaining water and your yeast-mixture in a bowl. Once everything is mixed, take it out and knead the dough for 5 minutes on a floured surface - knead in more flour until it's a smooth non-sticky dough. Knead the whole 5 minutes, even if your dough is smooth before that! Put the dough back in your bowl, cover the bowl with transparent foil/saran wrap and let it rise on a warm spot for 30 minutes.

Third step: think about the yummy toppings you want to put onto your pizza ;)

Fourth step: pre-heat oven to 200° Celsius. Take the risen dough and knead it for another 2 minutes - it should look something like this:

Now it's time to form your pizza (I know it's frowned upon, but I usually use a rolling pin with no negative effects ;) )!
Add tomato-sauce and your chosen toppings, top it all off with cheese (I prefer mozzarella) and put it in the oven for 25 - 30 minutes (I usually take it out after exactly 25 minutes, if you like it crisper/darker you might want to wait the additional 5 minutes).

AAAAAAAnd it's done ;)

(My fructose-free pizza with mascarpone instead of tomato-sauce and a mozzarella-topping...yum!)
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It's Friday ladies... no better time to talk about ...

19 - The Male Body

Or more specifically, the things I love in a man apart from personality ;)

Let me start by saying that I'm a lover of the more androgynous look in men. Nothing too girly, obviously, but I love the more delicately built men. Which might explain why I love long-haired men as well, but let's not think too much about that :D
Anyway - one of the very few exceptions of this preference is Viggo. So yeah, for variety's sake, I'm sometimes quite taken with the ruggedly handsome look as well (think: Aragorn - a PERFECT mixture of very manly man paired with long hair... I'm forever in love!)

Right, I'm going to add a bunch of pictures to illustrate my point - and thankfully for all of us the lovely Orlando makes a very good example :D

Find out what I love under the cut ;) )

And that's it for today ladies! ;) I hope you had fun with the lovely Orlando pics at least :D
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And here we go again folks!

15 - Coffee

Yes, I'm a coffee-addict. I can't function without the dark brew of goodness and -quite frankly- I don't want to...

I'm the kind of anti-morning person that I'm not able to do more than grunt (on a very good day) before I've had my first sips of coffee. (Yes, I'm the first to admit that I'm a grumpy monster without coffee in the mornings... don't ever stand between me and the coffee machine if you want to live!) After approximately the first quarter of my cup I'm willing to try and talk - in short sentences... and after half a cup I'm a perfectly nice person who can converse fluently if needed ;)

But the morning pick-me-up is not nearly enough. I need a more or less constant caffeine-supply throughout the day to function properly. And on a stressful day I've been known to top it all off with a Red Bull or three ...

Pics that describe my relationship to coffee perfectly ahead )

16 - Orlando's Bum

Yes, you've read that correctly :D
Or - maybe I should title it "the way I react to Orlando's butt"?

To sum the backstory up: I've pleaded with Himself to get his hands on "Zulu" one way or another after I heard that the lovely Mister Bloom has a certain scene in the movie. Days, possibly weeks later I get a FaceTime-call in the middle of the night. I pick up and my lovely, lovely iPad-screen is filled with Orlando's gloriously naked bum. Thankfully for you, I've had the presence of mind to snap a few screenshots while squeeing happily... and I'd recommend you to wrench your eyes away from the naked glory to the top right corner to see my reaction ;)

Screenshots!!!!!! )

17 - Adult Colouring Books

I know, I know, from naked bums to colouring books is NOT a step you anticipated...

Anyway - my newest obsession started when Himself gifted me with a colouring book for Christmas. I was - sceptically delighted?!
I've never been a girl who liked to colour things. Or rather - I did like it, but I've never had the patience to stay within the lines when I was younger. And subsequently I always ended up being disappointed by my "drawings". So there's never been any love lost between me and colouring books.

But now that I am a responsible adult *coughs* I figured I'd at least give it a try before I ruled out that there was any possible fun to be had with those books. If it's advertised as THE thing people do to de-stress these days it can't be THAT bad, right? Plus I had an unused pack of artist pens in my drawer that I needed to buy in case the very remote possibility of me needing something like that ever arose - and voila! Here was the opportunity!

So I fished out the pens, dusted them off and set to colour in my first flower... needless to say, the next time I put the pens down was several hours and half of the page later! :)

Now, two months later, I'm officially obsessed! I'd never have thought, but the grown-up me really loves colouring - AND somehow somewhere I did pick up the patience to stay inside the lines ... Will wonders never cease?

A bunch of pics of my coloured pages ahead ;) )

18 - Photography

I love to play around with cameras and consequently with all the little things like lighting, motive, shutter time,...

Sadly, I don't do it as often as I should to get a real grip of the whole art, but I have fun none the less - and that's what counts most, right?

Apart from the general fascination with the art of photography, I particularly like the way your perception changes when you look through a view-finder. A simple walk through streets you've walked a thousand times suddenly becomes a journey of discovery once you stop hurrying along and take your times to find the beauty in the buildings and people around you.

Since most of my photos are on Himself's computer I'll give you two of my most favourite shots of Himself I've taken while we were out playing with night-shots nearly two years ago...

two more pics )

And.... I'm caught up! Who would have guessed that I actually manage to do that before the end of the month?! ;)
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Since I've been in bed with a splitting headache yesterday evening, today's summary-post is even longer ;)

12 - Penguins

I've grown up with "Pingu" on TV and the sweet little guy started a life-long obsession with those animals... Years later I've met my match ;)
Himself is probably an even bigger fan of those sweet little guys in their black and white suits. And because he's worth it, I've got him a very special present for his birthday in 2010 - the wonderful Zoo Vienna had a -very costly- "Behind the Scenes" baggage which included the opportunity of meeting and feeding the penguins ... Let's just say we've had the time of our lives :)

Pics and Videos ahead )

13 - Stephane Lambiel

Complete story under the cut because it needs pics and videos :) )14 - My Phone's Wallpaper

Yes, the 14 should probably be dedicated to Himself, but since the good guy ignores Valentine's Day, I'm ignoring him *pouts*

So, this spot belongs to the next best thing - the picture that makes me smile every time I use my phone :D

Screenshot ahoy! )

Right, I think I'll stop here for now - it's 2 am and I should be on my way to bed sooner or later and there are still some comments waiting to be answered... I'll try to recap the next three days tomorrow, promise!


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