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Total Word Count: 99.090

So, this is it... the last word-count update of 2016.
And I nearly reached my intended word-goal for end of January... just another 910 words, i.e. an average writing-session, and I hit the 100.000 word mark.

Who would have guessed that 2016 would turn out to be the year I get back into fiction writing, big time?
Certainly not me!

I only missed three writing days since the 1st of November - and that includes tomorrow evening. So, I really did write on 58 out of 61 days those last two months. Wow.

And with this being my final post of 2016, I want to particularly thank the lovely, lovely [ profile] silvan_lady for encouraging and inspiring me to write (and of course for volunteering to beta this monster!), the equally lovely [ profile] gattodoro for her lovely comments, and -of course- her shared craziness with Silv ;)
You ladies (and your fics) made my year! *hugs*

Have a lovely, happy New Year, my dears! I'll see you all on the other side :)


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