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Right, folks... am I or am I not the only one who gets the feeling that our dear Orlando is using his Insta-Stories not to communicate with us, but to send messages to a certain somebody else?!

Let's just talk about his shared picture/video today, right?

So, first we have that adorable pic:

With the rather interesting caption... "kingly love"... ummmmm... yeah ;)

Followed by a nice short video showing... the sun?!

Again, interesting caption, slightly mysterious, seemingly a bit random, but yeah.

So, to explain things - I first saw this Insta-story while at uni, with my phone on silent mode. Imagine my surprise when I looked at it again a short time ago, suddenly hearing that there's a song playing in the background.

Curious girl that I am, I spent half an hour to find that damn song (I swear to god, I'm the WORST at hearing lyrics even remotely correctly, particularly if the sound quality is questionable at best ;D) - and I finally succeeded.
If you're as clueless as me, the song is "Know Me Well" by Roo Panes.

And the lyrics? Well, I'll let you be the judge of that yourself...

Well you know me with that ancient gaze
Stripping down with yesterday's eyes
You know me as I was you see me as I will be
And I still had a lot of growing
When you took me and you shaped me with those hands
You know me better than myself
Make me better than I am

Oh, you know me well
Know me well
Know me well
Oh, you know me well
Know me well
Know me well

When I think upon my past
I see I loved you many years before you came
In my hopes and my dreams
With the wax and the moon wanes
And you saw what I could be
Please teach me how to be what I was made to be
See without you I was nothing
But with you can be anything

Oh, you know me well
Know me well
Know me well
Oh, you know me well
Know me well
Know me well

What can I fear
When I know that I walk by your side
You're the fortress
Within which I got nothing to hide
None can take me
I'm the tower the world couldn't fell
'Cos I'm stronger
When I know that you know me well
Know me well
Know me well
Oh, you know me well
Know me well
Know me well

Again, I refer you to "kingly love"...
Interesting, isn't it? ;)

Okay, now it's your turn - hit me with what you think :) Am I imagining things? Or is this too much of a coincidence to be a... coincidence? ;)
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Lovelies, I've survived my damn exam!

I am, however completely braindead and will therefore take the evening off :) I'll check in with all of you and the posts, fics (yaaaaaay!), and comments waiting for me tomorrow... and finally get back to my writing...

Hugs to you all!

And because it made my day so much brighter today, I'll leave this pic here despite you all obviously knowing it ;) :
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Total Words Written: 110.090

All right, I haven't written a single word those last four days. That's the longest I have gone without working on this fic since November 1st.
But I had -more or less- good reasons ;) First, I had to watch the Golden Globes - I mean, Viggo being nominated, that's a good reason, right? (And oh boy, did Henry miss out in the lottery of genes! Poor lad...) (And what a SHAME Viggo didn't win the Globe! He would have deserved it so, so much!!!!) The next day I squeezed in all the uni work I wanted to do during winter break into a single (slightly panicky) day, which effectively prevented me from doing ANYTHING else. Well, and the next two days I went to bed so very early I didn't recognize myself in hopes of catching up on all the sleep I missed during the last two months or so :D

Today, I finally found the time to sit down in front of my laptop again, and managed to type 1.400 words or so. No sex, though. :D

I'll most likely miss out on a few additional days writing during the next two weeks or so, since I got the strong advice to take my History of English exam at the first sitting, since the questions seem to be the easiest then - which completely throws my wholy study plan, since I originally planned to sit the exam at the beginning of March, not on January 31st *sigh*

But I'll try my best to keep on a more or less regular schedule - just as I'll try to get to answering all my waiting comments and comment on all that you've posted over the course of the last days as soon as I can!!!!!!

*hugs everybody*
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Total Words Written: 74.616

1000 words later and I'm still not a single step closer to resolving the issue. *sigh*
Ah well, at least Sean showed up... maybe he can kick their asses into the right direction...

On a happier note: I've been watching the second episode of the new Gilmore Girls season tonight and my personal highlight was the "A History of Violence" scene Loreley was watching - Viggo does make everything better ;)


May. 19th, 2016 02:29 am
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A quick hello and apologies for being MIA! Life, uni and job are driving me crazy at the moment, but I'll try to catch up with you all soon! *hugs to everybody*

Anyway - I wanted, no, needed (!) to share some pics with you I just spotted on my Facebook feed ;)

If you're looking for me, I'll be stupidly grinning under my tin hat ;)

Love you all! *hugs*
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So I've just attended a lecture about Hitchcock, Freud and Psychoanalysis. The lecturer is the prof I've been writing my thesis for, so I took the opportunity and handed it in right before the lecture.

Anyway, I was sitting there, listening to his explanations about why Hichcock's opening sequences are always voyeuristic and which impact Freud's theories have on these sequences, and he started showing examples... And there, right in front of my eyes on the screen appeared a very familiar face - Viggo lounging in bed in the opening scenes of the Psycho re-make :D

I'll take that as a good sign, yes? ;)
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26 - Viggo's Art

One of the reasons I love Viggo so much is his versatility and creativity.
I love that he is so much more than "just" an actor. While I fell in love with his presence on screen, I very quickly learned that there is so much more to love in this man.

I envy his ability to express himself in paintings.
I adore his inclination to capture even the most mundane things on film, thus turning them into a timeless reminder of moments and feelings.
I'm deeply in awe of the way he uses words as a canvas of his emotions.

No wonder I spent the first paycheque of my "new" job on his books.
By now I'm the proud owner of 7 of his books and a few CDs. And I'm certain I'll purchase some more very soon.

My precious books ahead... )

I wish I were even a small percentage as talented and creatives as he is.

Viggo Mortensen, a true artist.
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I should go to bed, but first I need to apologize to all of you whom I didn't respond to these last few days... (and foremost to [ profile] silvan_lady for not reading and commenting :( )

My muses have made a surprise-comback, I've been bitten by a huge VigOrli plotbunny and while I haven't written a single word so far, I've spent all of my waking moments these last days doing research. (By the way, my muses demand to ask you all for each and any information you can come up with in terms of Viggo and Orlando - they simply refuse to start real work until I've got all the facts in order... bossy bitches ;) )
I've browsed so many LJ-communities (in vain, let me add), read my way through various yahoo-groups (to no avail) and have read and looked at each and every piece of Viggo's art I could find (and a huge thanks to my lovely, lovely Phi who spent hours interpreting and discussing the most interesting ones with me - you know I blame this plotbunny on you and you alone!) ...

Additionally I've done some research on various interesting parts of this planet, and have come to the conclusion that while New Zealand still is the land I'd love to see one day, there are certain very, very stunningly beautiful places to be found in certain parts of Idaho... I guess, I can finally understand people who might chose to live there ;)

And yeah... I really, really might start writing fiction again. Wow. I'm completely stunned and a bit shaken by the violence of my creativity coming back to life, but I'm willing to go wherever my muses might lead. I'm determined to give this thing a try, yet I have no idea how to pull it off. I mean, apart from actually writing this thing a huge problem is actually getting somebody to take on the huge challenge of being my beta. The only definitive thing I know about this story at the moment is that I'm going to attempt to write it in English - which, as we all know, isn't my native tongue, which makes getting two distinctive character voices right even harder... Put the challange of one of them being British and the other one American-with-anything-else-mixed-in on top of that and you might be able to understand what a mammoth task this might prove for any soul nice enough to take on the challenge... *sighs*

Okay my dears... I once again apologize for being a mute recluse these last days, I hope my research-frenzy will burn down to a more normal level soon and that I'll be back with you soon ;) and now, I'm finally off to bed!

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Let me start with saying that today, for once, I'm damn proud to be an Austrian.

Today Conchita Wurst, who won the Eurovision Songcontest 2014 about a week ago, had her first concert in Austria. It's been a free "thank-you"-gig at the Ballhausplatz and well... Let's say Austria hasn't been that great about a drag-queen with beard representing our country at the Songcontest for a long time. Obviously, once the rest of Europe actually voted for her the public reaction changed to "we're so open-minded, we're great with any kind of "different" lifestyle", etc. But still, the loud and persistent homophobia running wild mostly online put a major damper on at least my mood oftentimes.

the reasons ;) )

Another thing I ... well, I actually DIDN'T want to talk about is this interview with Viggo Mortensen:
But since I can't stop mumbling and grumbling about it and I'm driving people nuts with it, I figured, I might as well get it out here...

grumble grumble )

And then, there are these two videos of Orlando talking about acting in "Romeo and Juliet" I've watched today:

I absolutely adore the way he's talking about stage work. I mean, that's true love and passion for theatre speaking.
I particularly enjoyed the way he's talking about the beauty of Shakespeare's language in the first video as well as his description of the incident where the actor playing the friar completely lost track of his text. I mean, that's a real great way of dealing with the situation, and such a great thing to witness if you're afraid of exactly that happening to you (as Orlando obviously was).

And the second video? Just so much goodness in there ;) I mean, first, the fans talking to him were really great. Really focussing on the theatre part, asking quite insightful questions and keeping their cool for the most part.

And then him revealing that he's actually reading a poem to get into Romeo's mind-set? There's just no doubt in my mind WHICH poem he's reading there... *whistles innocently* And don't even get me started on the last few minutes of the video... I mean... I so loved how he obviously stopped himself from calling Viggo a genius (he really deserves to be called one, so... just keep on gushing about him, honey!) and his reaction to the comment that Viggo is a good-looking guy???! "He's devastatingly handsome"... I... I... I completely and utterly adore this reaction. And it makes my little fangirlish heart beat a lot faster. That's for sure ;) *happy sigh*

So yeah, I could go on and on about these videos, because they once again show me that Orlando really, truly belongs on a stage. He's obviously very happy there and he absolutely can and should be proud of what he accomplished as Romeo. (Although seeing his dedication to the text and the work he put into bringing this person to life really shows me how much it means to him - I wouldn't have needed to see him actually act to completely understand that he'd do his absolute very best in the theatre because it means so much to him....)

But now I do shut up and get to work... it's quite late and I should do something now. I really want and need to get at least 4 hours of sleep before I have to face my co-workers tomorrow *sigh*

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One of the most -if not THE single most- beautiful love poems I have ever read... (yeah, I might be biased there, but really... it's just so sad and so beautiful at the same time)
I wanted to post it here for a very long time, and today's the day ;)

Communion )


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