Feb. 3rd, 2016

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Inspired by the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] silvan_lady I've decided to try and partake in the February Fandom Fest. Knowing me I suspect I won't be able to post daily, but I'll try my best to cover the month in summary posts.

Let's start with the first three things I love:

01 - Fandom

Let's start with the obvious, okay?
I've started my career of being an obsessed fangirl in the Lord of the Rings fandom some 12 years ago. I've had much fun discovering fanfictions and started writing my own fics a few years later. From there I somehow stumbled into the Harry Potter fandom where I spent a few fun and frustrating years, until things in my circle of friends went downhill big time after the release of the 7th book. So I cut my ties there (mostly) and went back to the LotR-guys and girls where I happily read my way through hundreds of thousands of pages until one glorious day, [livejournal.com profile] surreysmum opened my eyes to the glorious world of VigOrli RPS - and what can I say? I've never looked back since that particular discovery :D

I've been very late to the fandom and obviously missed the golden years, but I've steadily read my way through (most?) fics still available and am still stunned by the creativity and love I've found in the fandom. And, of course, I'm the luckiest girl alive for having authors like [livejournal.com profile] ranmaru_fics, [livejournal.com profile] gattodoro and (of course) [livejournal.com profile] silvan_lady still writing amazing fics that keep the fandom very much alive! Ladies, you are simply the best!!!!

02 - Climbing

In June 2015 Himself got the crazy idea that his life will not be fulfilled until he learns to climb. When asked to take a class with him, I -very nicely- told him to fuck off and find another idiot to do it with him... which he did. So I've suddenly had a sporty person that spent more time on climbing walls than with me at my side (or, in this case, not at my side ;) ). Which was quite nice, because it left me to enjoy the hot summer in peace, reading and swimming, what more could a girl want?
Then, in July or early August, I've found myself in the vicinity of the climbing wall where Himself spent his afternoon and I decided to pay the boys a visit (and maybe laugh my ass off a bit - only really strange people spend their afternoons on a wall doing sports while the sun is burning down on them and the temperature in the shade comes in over 30° Celsius, right?).

Well, to cut a long story short, while watching the boys a plotbunny bit me big time. I only had to witness the boys doing their partner check once and the homoerotic subtext and possibilities became... well, brighter and clearer than the sun, really :)
Being who I am, I subsequently needled Himself with questions upon questions concerning everything from "how do I put that harness on" to "what does it feel like with your life literally hanging in the hands of another person". Himself indulged my curiosity for a few days, made only a little fun of my for seeing slash in everything, and generally behaved like a supportive member of the "spouses of a crazy person"-club... until one fine day at the end of August his patience snapped and he told me that "if you want to know how it feels, you're doing it yourself!", threw sport clothes at me and forcefully dragged me to my first climbing experience in about 17 years (I've had the dubious honor of spending a few PE lessons on a boulder wall in my early teens and I've hated it. I've also had a very brief 5 minutes opportunity of trying real wall-climbing back then and remembered that I've found it to be much more tolerable than bouldering, but nothing that left a lasting impression all things considered). Needless to say - my first try wasn't really fun, neither was it very successful.

(me begging to be let down again)

However, a few years ago a climbing hall opened in our hometown and a few days after my first climbing-disaster I consented to checking the place out with Himself, because he needed somebody to belay him, since his usual climbing partner was on holiday. And what can I say? This time, on much smaller walls, the climbing bug bit me. The instant gratification of scaling a wall appealed to me, and the fact that it's usually only a few minutes on the wall really comes in handy for a lazy person like me.
10 days later I went out and bought my own harness and shoes and at the beginning of October we purchased an annual pass for our local climbing hall and I've been spending my evenings there roughly 3 or 4 times a week.

And yesterday, on the 2nd - that's why climbing is my number two - I've FINALLY scaled the competition wall. I've been wrestling with this particular wall for months and haven't been able to cross the overhang, particularly because I had to do it in lead climbing, which always posed a struggle in and of itself for me (sooooooo scary *grins*)... and yesterday? I'm not really sure what I did, but somehow I got up there and let me tell you one thing: coming down from that wall I have been feeling prouder of myself than I have done in years!

So, I'm hooked, and there's still a fic to be written... good times all around!

03 - Onesies

I love them, I love them, I love them! There's nothing better than snuggling into a fluffy onesie on a cold winter-evening. It's perfect! And the only way to keep me warm once the temperature drops below 10° Celsius.

I'm the proud owner of (currently) 5 onesies and my favorites are these two:

Yeah... not the sexiest things to wear, I know, but SOOOOOOOO comfy! (And after 10 years together Himself simply has to live with my non-existent fashion style *grins*)


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