Feb. 19th, 2016

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And here we go again folks!

15 - Coffee

Yes, I'm a coffee-addict. I can't function without the dark brew of goodness and -quite frankly- I don't want to...

I'm the kind of anti-morning person that I'm not able to do more than grunt (on a very good day) before I've had my first sips of coffee. (Yes, I'm the first to admit that I'm a grumpy monster without coffee in the mornings... don't ever stand between me and the coffee machine if you want to live!) After approximately the first quarter of my cup I'm willing to try and talk - in short sentences... and after half a cup I'm a perfectly nice person who can converse fluently if needed ;)

But the morning pick-me-up is not nearly enough. I need a more or less constant caffeine-supply throughout the day to function properly. And on a stressful day I've been known to top it all off with a Red Bull or three ...

Pics that describe my relationship to coffee perfectly ahead )

16 - Orlando's Bum

Yes, you've read that correctly :D
Or - maybe I should title it "the way I react to Orlando's butt"?

To sum the backstory up: I've pleaded with Himself to get his hands on "Zulu" one way or another after I heard that the lovely Mister Bloom has a certain scene in the movie. Days, possibly weeks later I get a FaceTime-call in the middle of the night. I pick up and my lovely, lovely iPad-screen is filled with Orlando's gloriously naked bum. Thankfully for you, I've had the presence of mind to snap a few screenshots while squeeing happily... and I'd recommend you to wrench your eyes away from the naked glory to the top right corner to see my reaction ;)

Screenshots!!!!!! )

17 - Adult Colouring Books

I know, I know, from naked bums to colouring books is NOT a step you anticipated...

Anyway - my newest obsession started when Himself gifted me with a colouring book for Christmas. I was - sceptically delighted?!
I've never been a girl who liked to colour things. Or rather - I did like it, but I've never had the patience to stay within the lines when I was younger. And subsequently I always ended up being disappointed by my "drawings". So there's never been any love lost between me and colouring books.

But now that I am a responsible adult *coughs* I figured I'd at least give it a try before I ruled out that there was any possible fun to be had with those books. If it's advertised as THE thing people do to de-stress these days it can't be THAT bad, right? Plus I had an unused pack of artist pens in my drawer that I needed to buy in case the very remote possibility of me needing something like that ever arose - and voila! Here was the opportunity!

So I fished out the pens, dusted them off and set to colour in my first flower... needless to say, the next time I put the pens down was several hours and half of the page later! :)

Now, two months later, I'm officially obsessed! I'd never have thought, but the grown-up me really loves colouring - AND somehow somewhere I did pick up the patience to stay inside the lines ... Will wonders never cease?

A bunch of pics of my coloured pages ahead ;) )

18 - Photography

I love to play around with cameras and consequently with all the little things like lighting, motive, shutter time,...

Sadly, I don't do it as often as I should to get a real grip of the whole art, but I have fun none the less - and that's what counts most, right?

Apart from the general fascination with the art of photography, I particularly like the way your perception changes when you look through a view-finder. A simple walk through streets you've walked a thousand times suddenly becomes a journey of discovery once you stop hurrying along and take your times to find the beauty in the buildings and people around you.

Since most of my photos are on Himself's computer I'll give you two of my most favourite shots of Himself I've taken while we were out playing with night-shots nearly two years ago...

two more pics )

And.... I'm caught up! Who would have guessed that I actually manage to do that before the end of the month?! ;)


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