Mar. 7th, 2016

The Martian

Mar. 7th, 2016 12:42 am
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So today I've finally started to watch one of the three films I'll discuss in my bachelor's thesis... I'll need to fit in the other two before Thursday and -as usual- I have no idea how I'll find the time to do that.

Anyway - today I've watched "The Martian" and while it's been a bit better than I have anticipated, it's still on my "wouldn't re-watch if I didn't have to"-list.
I've been bored throughout most of the first half - it's soooooo predictable it's painful. Every single accident or setback comes with advanced warning, no surprises at all... and if you've seen the trailer you know the better bits already. The second half did pass a lot faster and while it had a lot more eye-rolling are-you-fucking-kidding-me moments, it also had a lot more of the one redeeming feature:

Sean Bean!

So yeah, he absolutely saved me from taking a lot more breaks than I did anyway. I practically lived from one of his appearances to the next ;) Although I'm sorely disappointed by the missed opportunity of slipping a "One does not simply..."-reference into the movie. I mean, come on! The guy who wrote the book is very probably a nerdy guy, I'm reasonable sure that quite a lot of other geeky or nerdy guys (and girls) worked on adapting the book or the making of the movie in general and NOBODY thought of slipping the quote into the script? REALLY? That's just plain dumb! *rants*

Another thing I'm completely taken aback by? The fact that this is a Ridley Scott movie! I'll be honest and say that I didn't even think about finding out who directed the movie beforehand, and I honestly did not catch Ridley's usual style while watching the film, so it quite took me by surprise when the credits started rolling and I first saw who directed the thing.
Thinking back now I do see some short sequences where Ridley's usual style shone through (most noticeable his tendency to have things floating around - be it pollen or snow or dust... there's a scene outside the Chinese Space Agency where I did think "now THAT's a nice shot" while watching, and now I realize that it's one of the few scenes with floating stuff, in this case snow).
Anyway - since I do think the film is rather meagre all in all I wonder how bad it would have been if somebody else would have directed it. Well, good luck for me, I guess :)

After watching the film I did take some notes and had to thumb through the book that's the basis of my thesis for some detail I have forgotten since the last time I've read it... and while I turned the pages I remembered a picture that sprang out on me the first time around:

("The Writer's Journey" by Christopher Vogler, p. 116)

Doesn't it look like Arwen and Legolas strolling through the woods in Rivendell or Lorien? Or is it just my imagination?
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06 - Ugliest Orc

Finally a VERY EASY question!

Without any further ado, I'll give you:

GOTHMOG - the very, very, very ugly :)
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Watched the second of my three films today - Sean Penn's "Into the Wild".

The story about Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp, who left society behind and freely walked into isolation.

It's a lovely film I should have watched the first time years ago. Missed time, really. It's one of Himself's favourite films and ranks very high on my own "top movies" list.

It's a touching story, with a beautiful message - and an end that will make you cry. As is often the case with stories based in real life, there is no happy ending for this wonderful young man who set out to find happiness and peace. I'd like to think he's found both along the way, it certainly seems so to me.

It's a film I'm really looking forward to working with. After the first viewing I'm reasonable sure that I won't be able to make it fit into the "heroes journey"-mould I'm looking for in the three movies - which makes it all the more exciting. I love stories that are not told using the ages-old formula, and life certainly has is ways to bring out heroes that don't conform to the trial-loss-and-success pattern most of humanity's great stories are built upon.

I'm happy to have chosen this film for my thesis - I would have missed out on this gem for even longer if I hadn't. And if you haven't seen it, I really urge you to do it! It's really worth it!


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