Jul. 1st, 2008 01:37 pm
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Seems as if I read a lot these days ;) 
So here's the latest book-rec:

Title: The Other Side of the Story
Author: Marian Keyes

Language read in: English

Summary: Jojo is the hot-shot literary agent whose star keeps rising - if only her married boss wasn't such a distraction. Jojo's author Lily has writer's block. And Lily and Gemma were best friends, until Lily stole Gemma's beloved. Now Gemma's heartfelt and hilarious emails have made their way to Jojo...

Amruniel's review: As I mentioned before - I'm quite into good chick-lit. And this IS! I love Marian Keyes to bits and this book is just one of a series of wonderful books by her that made me laugh and read into the wee hours of the night.
The only setback is the fact that there is no Mammy Walsh in this story which is really, really sad. But apart from that? I loved it. From start to finish and I particularly fell in love with the wonderful Jojo who is just an amazing woman (and a literary agent who once used to work as a cop in NYC... if that's not great, what is? *grins*)

So out of 10 available points I'd award this book a total 10 of very shiny chick-lit summer points.

A part that made me lough: [the morning after a fancy-dress party]
Andy returned with a fistful of analgesics. "Apparently, there were five Gandalfs."
"I think at least one of them was a Dumbledore," Becky said.


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