Jan. 18th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 112.121

I think I discovered the absolute disadvantage of not writing on a daily basis - I struggle to get back into the flow, it takes ages to type even a single sentence and I'm thoroughly pissed off with the words not coming as easily as when I had nothing else to do than living and breathing the story, my thoughts constantly plotting and planning inbetween writing sessions.

I struggled to get 1000 words written, and am really pissed off that it took me more than two hours to write that little - thus effectively cutting short/off the time I planned to spend on answering to your comments and reading your posts, before I need to go to bed (thankfully, tomorrow's the last early-morning lecture for this semester... at the very least I won't have to cut the things I've planned short because I need to go to bed from tomorrow onwards *grumbles*)

So yeah, another day I won't be replying to you lovely ladies out there *sighs* I'm sorry :(

I'll try to crave out some time to do just that tomorrow - depending on how well I'm doing with studying time-wise I might or might not add writing to my "to do" list, but trying to catch up on at least a part of the the comments and posts waiting for me is definitely on!

In the meantime - if anybody of you uses Instagram - I can be found there as Amruniel (no shit, Sherlock...) - I'm not posting much, so I guess I won't be crowding your feed, but one of my goals for 2017 is taking pictures regularly (whatever that may mean -.-°°°), so if you're curious, feel free to stalk what I'm up to when I'm not around here ;) I'd love to see you there :)

So, this is where I have to say "see you tomorrow, my dears", I guess (and hope) :D


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