Mar. 3rd, 2017

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Total Words Written: 153.665

With the exam finally done (and uni starting up again *shudders*) I'm back again :D
It's really, really annoying (and surprising) how much not writing for a few days (six? less than a week, anyway!) impacts the whole process. I'm once again struggling to get a full sentence written and it takes AGES to reach my word-goal again, just as it did after my last longer study-break. And -at least this time around- that's despite me having an actual plan!

But then, I also do know from experience that the flow will come back rather quickly if I keep up the good habit of sitting down and struggling through on a daily basis. So there's hope.

Speaking of hope, having reached my "150.000-words-before-the-end-of-February" goal, I had to set my next challenge today. So I optimistically opted for writing another 50.000 words over the course of the next two months, which includes the time I'm planning on doing Camp NaNo (with/thanks to the lovely [ profile] ranmaru_fics). Let's see how well that will work out (or if I even need additional 50.000 words to finishing the fic? Right... you and me, we all know I will, just as we know that I'll most likely will still haven't gotten far into my real plot by the 200.000 word mark if we consider the past 150.000 *laughs*)

Speaking of plot - I actually incorporated something I'll need in said plot in today's writing. It's beginning to take shape, folks! (and it only took me 153.000 words to get there...) :D

Anyway, I just wanted to let all of you know that I'm back again, and that I'll start catching up on your posts and comments as of tomorrow!

And now I'm off to bed, catching up on the sleep I missed last night because me overstuffed brain refused to shut up...


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