Mar. 4th, 2017

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Writing went a bit better today. Not really well, nor did it come easy, but certainly better than yesterday. So that's good.
And I hope tomorrow will be even better. (I did stop writing today when I came up with a sketchy idea of what I want to have them to do/say next, so with the addition of using my beloved stretching-session tomorrow to flesh it out more, I might at least have an easy start tomorrow.)

On a completely unrelated note: may I have a short rant here? It's not a very heartfelt one, I promise ;)
So, as you know, I've been studying for an exam last week. Generally speaking the topics covered ranged from the first British settlers arriving at the US shores up to the Massacre of Wounded Knee, covering the Revolution, the Civil War and the settler's treatment of Native Americans. In short: US history (and geography... and a handful of western-movies thrown in for good measure)
Anyway - I crammed my head with tons of facts, names and dates and still didn't really get a couple of the things I had to study (for example, I never really knew what the "Boston Massacre" was, or rather what exactly led up to it, I just memorized the date and the few very basic facts I found in my notes, and didn't have the time to do some research to really understand what was going on).
So, today I thumbed my way through the TV schedule and stumbled about a series of 6 documentations dealing with -yes, you guessed it!- the history of the US beginning with the first settlers arriving. So I figured with all the other bullshit on, I might as well tune in and watch that while working my way through your comments/posts and writing.

And what can I say? If that damn documentation had been aired a week earlier I could have stopped studying because they were not only dealing with exactly the same topics but actually explained even the things I didn't get in a way that I very easily understood (and will actually remember).

Damn you TV schedule-writers! Things could have been sooooooooooo much more relaxed and easy!

Okay, rant over ;)


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