Mar. 19th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 173.297

I originally planned to write double of today's word goal in order to make up for what I most likely won't be able to write tomorrow. Well... I didn't.

Writing the end of the scene I was writing these last days took way longer than I anticipated. I needed to find the right tone to convey what I wanted to express, what I needed the boys -and mostly Orlando- to feel.
Well, I think in the end I managed to hit the right tone, but it took me a while to put me into the right head space I knew I needed.

But anyway *shrugs* I'm so much ahead of where I thought I would be word count wise it doesn't matter if I missed my own goal.

Speaking of goals - the lovely [ profile] ranmaru_fics has set up a VigOrli cabin for Camp NaNo and I can't wait for April to roll around! If you're not signed up for this cool adventure by now, click here, follow the directions and join us! ;)


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