Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Total Words Written: 175.712

I've managed to free about 1.5 hours this evening from my busy schedule to write and got a good junk done, leaving me with just one and a half scenes to write before I can finish this chapter up and move on to the (plot-furthering) next one.

Let me tell you a more or less related story here, yeah?
Himself and me had planned to hit the cinema and watch "Logan" yesterday. For various reasons, and because common sense won out in the end, we decided to cancel our date-night, saving ourselves the money (aren't we responsible adults? *shudders*). But, as I was more or less only interested in going to see "Logan" because of Mister Hugh Jackman himself, I decided to at least give him a cameo in my fic, if I didn't go to the cinema after all.
And funnily enough, he found the perfect spot and the perfect way to insert himself into the story without me even having to invent a reason for him to grace us with his presence for a couple of sentences ;) I really like the kind of character he turned out to be. I hope you'll enjoy his brief appearance just as much as I do :D

And with that teaser I'm off to bed... since I'll have to deal with morphology tomorrow morning, I'll need to have all my wits about me!
(Just ~36 hours until I'm finally done with uni for this week!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOO!)


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