Apr. 5th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 184.507

I would have liked to get more written today, but after hours and hours spent walking around the city, and a badly needed but cut-short nap, I'm frankly too beat to have done more than just writing enough to reach today's thankfully small word-goal. I wanted to catch up with Camp NaNo's projected word-goals originally, but ... no. No way. Not today.

But at least I've still not fallen too far behind, and with the Easter break looming in all its glory I'm still pretty optimistic that my muses will kick back in full force once I have caught up on sleep once uni is over and done with. So, up until now I'm not panicking in face of the few hundred words I'm behind at Camp NaNo. Let's hope it stays in this manageable range over course of the next days as well :)

In face of LJ's new Terms & Conditions, and it's prossible/probable ramnifications, I want to take the chance to remind all of you that I can be found over at Dreamwidth as well. I'd love to have you add me to your circles there as well if you want to :)

And with that, I'm wishing you all a good night! :)


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