Apr. 21st, 2017

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Total Words Written: 197.854

For once, everything went as planned today, and none of my darling boys decided to go off on a tangent or come up with some surprising twist or turn, leaving me with a successfully finished scene.
What I didn't count on, however, was the (in retrospect very obvious) fact that I don't have even the slightest clue how to actually end that scene, or if that scene actually ends the chapter, and if not, where do I take the chapter from there?
Damn it! There goes the success of tonight :/

I do have a couple of "stepping-stones" in mind that I want and need to fit somewhere into the narrative between here and the main action, but truthfully, I completely forgot to think about where to fit them. Some of them might work as additional scenes in this chapter, all of them might work in some as of yet unplanned bridging-chapter(s), but where exactly and how and in which order currently is one big mystery.

Ah, well, at least I'm two days or so ahead in term so my Camp NaNo goals, so at least I can keep calm in face of the end of my Easter break approaching way too quickly, and the resulting consequence of once again not being able to write on Sunday, and possibly having to skip or at least settle for less words written than I usually do on various other days.

To be honest, my motivation to get back into a "uni-studying-getting shit done"-mindset is so unappealing right now. I've finally reached the point in my story where I actually do feel like there's good progress and that it moves forward at a good pace and with direction, leading me to the part I had stuck in my mind for the last... probably 2 years. In other words, now that I feel like the real fun is drawing near, writing once again will have to take a slight backseat, my allotted writing time once again being subjected to the rather unpredictable and unreliable moods and fancies of my professors and my schedule in general. *bah*
I'm NOT amused, let me tell you!

But I've still two full days of writing ahead of me before I have to switch back into uni mode, so I'll do my best to enjoy the hell out of them (and get some serious planning done!) :)


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