May. 1st, 2017

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Total Words Written: 207.311

Is it just me or does time really fly?
Today marks the last day of Camp NaNo, and it incidentally also saw me reaching my "inofficial" word-goal for this challenge.

Before really starting out on this little adventure, I have had the idea of setting my Camp NaNo goal to 25.000 words, or in other words, half of what I had to write during NaNoWriMo. In face of how much work I saw myself buried under with uni and life in general, sensibility won out in the end and I compromised with myself, settling for what I thought would be a way more realistic, if possibly still difficult to reach, 20.000 words.
But I never abandoned the idea of trying to hit the 25.000 words in 30 days completely, making it my (unvoiced) private goal should I manage to reach the official goal before April 30th.

As you know, I did. And so I wrote on, not necessarily intent on reaching the additional 5.000 no matter at what cost, but still... hoping, I think you could say.

Anyway, long story short - it is now official. I end Camp NaNo with 25.419 words written and some serious good mood ;)

What a way to end the week, and the month! :D


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