May. 14th, 2017

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Total Words Written: 217.326

As you might have noticed, I didn't post an update yesterday.
Because I got completely distracted, truth to be told. I had the laptop fired up, my trusty and much beloved writing program open and was good and ready for a nice writing session, when something I couldn't remember writing caught my eye as I scrolled down my fic.
Well, of course I had to read what I had obviously typed in some kind of trance, right?
So I did.
And got the surprise of my life when Himself came round to tell me that he was going to bed. To my rather confused "Huh? Isn't it a bit early, being before midnight and all that?" he nicely informed me that it was way past two in the morning... oops.

Yeah, well, that's the story about how I got completely caught up with reading my own fic, completely forgetting about time...
(But that's a good sign, right? If it can draw the person who has written it in that much, it can't be that bad, yeah?)

Anyway - I managed to make up for what I didn't get to write yesterday for the most part, so the unplanned day off didn't set me back too much in terms of the number of words I have to write on a daily basis in order to easily reach my temporary word-goal (250.000 at the end of June).

And by doing that I covered about half an hour of plot-time... leaving me with another 30 minutes or so to write to my "inspiration" ;)
(And yes, those will be the real fun 30 minutes - both for the boys and for me *rubs hands in anticipation*)

In other words, I've got my work for Monday cut out for me... and I'm so looking forward to writing that!

I hope you're having a great weekend (and please, please bear with me a little while longer until I manage to catch up with you all! Life is a bitch right now, but I'll try my best to carve out a couple hours to reply to your PMs, posts, and comments over the next few days!)!


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