Jun. 21st, 2017

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Total Words Written: 241.486

I didn't have time to update yesterday, but I got a bit more than 1.000 words written before I had to go to bed, and added another 1.055 tonight.

While I've come to terms with the very real possibility of not reaching my monthly-goal, I'm still determined to get as much written as I can in between my studying. At the very least I can get an hour or so of not having to deal with Cultural Theorists if I manage to fire up the computer and write a bit. Might help me sleep without having dreams of Foucault, Marx and all the other guys... and I really prefer dreaming of Orlando and/or Viggo, let me tell you ;)

In other words, updates might not come daily for the remainder of the month, but I'll try to get at least some words down on paper as often as I'll be able to.
Fingers crossed that I will be able to not completely lose the flow that way. I still remember how much the studying-instead-of-writing spells in January and February (Gods it feels like it was just a few weeks ago, not months!) fucked up my writing for a handful days after each exam. Not this time, hopefully!


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