Feb. 23rd, 2016

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22- Bruce Springsteen

Or maybe the correct headline would be "Bruce Springsteen's Concerts". Thinking about it now I have to say that I hardly ever listen to Bruce on CD - I sometimes catch his songs on the radio, but that's it, really.

But then everybody who has seen him live will confirm this: his concerts are something else.
There is a huge difference between his published works and what that guy does on a stage. I've been to many concerts in my life, and I can say that his are without any shred of doubt second to none.

Sadly, he hardly ever stops by in Austria, so I have been to just three concerts in the last 12 years... but each of them was unique, inspiring and simply wonderful.
He certainly isn't the best singer around, that's for sure, but what that man does on a stage is breath-taking. I have never had the pleasure of watching anybody more in love with what he's doing right at that very moment - and I've never seen any music act so in touch with their audience. And this very special atmosphere is what makes his concerts so wonderful.

I've seen this guy play with the stadium-lights on because he should have ended the show an hour before, and still managing to have the whole audience eating out of his hand. There was no light-show, no special video-effects, just him and 50.000 people on their feet dancing the night away.
And I haven't experienced that feat once, but all three times.

It's a pleasure watching him, it's one of my most favourite ways of taking a break from whatever life has in store for me for three or more hours, and the energy these concerts gave me oftentimes lasted for weeks - even when I was battling my own demons at the same time.

And while this is in and of itself a feat, he also managed to make me cry during his last two concerts - something that I experience very seldom when dealing with music alone.
Yes, there are songs that made me cry, but that's usually because they resonate with something that bothers or occupies me at the time. So the music in these cases is just an extension or outlet of my current emotions. But music that makes my cry for no reason at all, just because it's perfect in this very moment? I hardly ever experience this. And it's even less likely that something like that happens in the middle of a crowd having a great time.
I'm not sure what it was that touched me in those moments, but I cherish them because they are so rare.

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I just hope that the Boss will come to Vienna again soon. I can't wait to get another chance of having a wonderful evening... And he isn't getting any younger, right? ;)


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