Nov. 16th, 2016

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I've reached and passed the 25,000 words mark. I can't believe I've made it this far!

On the down side: I managed to write myself into a rather sombre corner. *shrugs* Ah well, I'll leave it like that, start on a new scene or chapter tomorrow and come back to adress the issue when I'm doing revision/re-writes later on.
Maybe the boys needed to go there. Maybe I needed to go there. Who knows. On the long run it doesn't matter :) Either I'll delete that part, or I'll find a way to lighten it up somehow. Time will tell.

The more pressing question is - where do I go from here? That's the real downside of not having anything planned out. Once you've backed yourself into a tight spot you have no idea where to go from there :D Ah well, the boys will show me what THEY want to do next. If if they don't I'll come up with something.

My worst case back-up plan: I'll simply have to make them make out :D Can't go wrong with a bit of surprise-smooching *giggles*

Anyway - here's the proof of today's success:
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I've broken all my good intentions and went back and re-wrote the scene I messed up yesterday *rolls eyes at herself*

BUT - I'm way more comfortable and happy with it now, AND I've added about 100 words to the scene so far, which hasn't hit a dead end stop like the original one did. In other words: I've layed the foundation for expanding this scene later today/tonight, so things could be (and have been) worse.

Now I'm off to find something to bake for our weekly get-together at the climbing hall this evening. I'll be back tonight with a definitive update of the day's progress :) (and since I'll only need to add approximately 800 words to reach today's writing goal, things will work out just fine and the re-write hasn't set me back at all *yay*)


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