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Total Words Written: 218.681

Got caught up in another section of my fic yesterday evening, loosing too much time to make starting to write feasible - I couldn't have accomplished much, if anything, in the less than an hour of time I still had left before needing to go to bed.

So, I knocked out 1.300+ words tonight in an attempt to make up for lost time, and all of that after spontaneously changing the plan/my source material of choice for the part of the scene I am working on, because I suddenly didn't feel the source I had picked out before fit what I wanted to write any longer. Thankfully I got lucky and found a substitute I like a lot more rather quickly, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to cover as much as I managed to.
Since the new material is a good 20 minutes longer than my original one, I only managed to write to about half of it tonight, but the added length also gives me the chance to build up to the climax a bit slower, which is nice :)

Other than that, I figured out what I want to write next and how I'm going to write it during a leisurely stretching session this morning, so I'm pretty satisfied with what I accomplished today.
Now I'll only have to stop getting caught up with re-reading my fic and do a lot more writing instead (life permitting, that is... I hardly know how to get my to-dos for the day done, so I'm rather lucky if I actually manage to carve out an hour or two for writing these days *sigh*).
And now, I'm off to catch a few hours of badly needed sleep :)
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Total Words Written: 217.326

As you might have noticed, I didn't post an update yesterday.
Because I got completely distracted, truth to be told. I had the laptop fired up, my trusty and much beloved writing program open and was good and ready for a nice writing session, when something I couldn't remember writing caught my eye as I scrolled down my fic.
Well, of course I had to read what I had obviously typed in some kind of trance, right?
So I did.
And got the surprise of my life when Himself came round to tell me that he was going to bed. To my rather confused "Huh? Isn't it a bit early, being before midnight and all that?" he nicely informed me that it was way past two in the morning... oops.

Yeah, well, that's the story about how I got completely caught up with reading my own fic, completely forgetting about time...
(But that's a good sign, right? If it can draw the person who has written it in that much, it can't be that bad, yeah?)

Anyway - I managed to make up for what I didn't get to write yesterday for the most part, so the unplanned day off didn't set me back too much in terms of the number of words I have to write on a daily basis in order to easily reach my temporary word-goal (250.000 at the end of June).

And by doing that I covered about half an hour of plot-time... leaving me with another 30 minutes or so to write to my "inspiration" ;)
(And yes, those will be the real fun 30 minutes - both for the boys and for me *rubs hands in anticipation*)

In other words, I've got my work for Monday cut out for me... and I'm so looking forward to writing that!

I hope you're having a great weekend (and please, please bear with me a little while longer until I manage to catch up with you all! Life is a bitch right now, but I'll try my best to carve out a couple hours to reply to your PMs, posts, and comments over the next few days!)!
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Total Words Written: 216.201

Exactly 810 words later I have managed to cover a time-frame that comes in with 15 minutes tops. More around 12, I'd say.
(Good 12 minutes for the boys, I hope!)
That leaves me with roughly one hour of "material" left I'll still have to fill with... well, delicious torture and thrilling pleasures, I should hope.

This definitely is a challenge, but, wow!, it's so cool to write like that, simply reacting and accommodating, creating a whole scene under the terms of some outward force telling me where to take events in order to make them (hopefully) seamlessly fit in the end.

I can't wait to see where the source will take me next!
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Total Words Written: 215.391

As I suspected, this is fun.
I've never written that way, and I rather suspect that I won't be able to do the scene and the accompanying inspiration the justice it deserves, but it is a really interesting challenge I greatly enjoy.

I haven't been able to get far into the scene, having had to do some last-minute research and changes to my original plan because what I managed to find yesterday didn't completely fit to what I needed/what I envisioned after all, but I think I found a very good piece to work with now, and can't wait to see where the inspiration it provides me with will take me once the scene grows and evolves.

The maybe-on-its-way cold seems to have been properly subdued for the time being after I effectively killed the persisting headache with a heavy workout session (I suspect I drowned both the headache as well as any possible cold-viruses in sweat LOL) ... let's hope it stays that way so I can write a bit more (and tease you a bit more) tomorrow :D
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Total Words Written: 214.558

Writing took a lot longer than I thought it would today, so this will be rather short.
Fighting to ignore a persistent and annoying headache and the general feeling of a cold possibly sneaking up on me isn't the best frame of mind to get coherent sentences down on paper (or the screen in this case), let me tell you.

And while I surprisingly wrote a lot more than I thought I have, I only managed to finish setting up the scene, and didn't get around to writing the actual good stuff. (You wouldn't believe how much research what Viggo came up with/I have in mind needed... I even had to rope in Himself and made (hopefully) good use of his expertise - at last his studying what he is studying pays off for me :D)

Anyway, cross your fingers that a good night's sleep helps me get rid of the headache and manages to kill the suspected cold off for good before it has a chance to really get a hold of me, and I'll be back with some sex written this time tomorrow ;)
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Total Words Written: 213.459

Still no sex written *sigh* - but, we're getting there!
Viggo has finally figured out what he wants to do to mark the occasion, and now we're busy setting up the scene ... quite literally in my case, a bit more figuratively in his ;)

But now that I'm in the know of what the good man has planned, I'm very much enthusiastic about the idea. I think this should be fun to write (even more than just "plain" sex *giggles*)!!!

As usual, and very much expected by now, that damn woman hasn't uploaded tomorrow's slides - AGAIN! *grumbles*
I swear to god, this person is turning my hair gray prematurely!!! (I will SO find a way to write her into that fic and get my sweet revenge... even if it kills me! *hrmpf*)

Ah well, then I'll take the time to get some other stuff done in the meantime... it isn't as if my to-do list isn't a monster anyway... *sigh*
(And yes, somehow finding the time to answer your comments and PMs is on there as well! Be patient with me, my dears! *hugs*)
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Total Words Written: 212.631

To quote Gandalf: The board is set, the pieces are moving.

(I could quote on, and add "We've come to it at last - the great sex of our time" here, but I'm rather reluctant to proclaim it "the great sex of our time", I'm sure there's still room for improvement *giggles*)

Aaaaanyway :D
As you might have guessed, I didn't actually write sex today, but we're getting there. Slowly. All the best things take time, right?

The only downside to me not getting to the real fun parts today? Tomorrow being Sunday and therefore my "no-write day".
The plus-side? More time to think about what the boys could get up to :D
And without spoiling you, I think I can safely say that the setting this sex takes place in lends itself to some unusual or creative approach to the whole event. The circumstances offer me opportunities I might not otherwise have - so time to think about how to employ these opportunities might actually be a really good thing.

And with that, I'll take my leave for the weekend. I hope you all are having a great time and enjoy good weather, and those of you waiting for me to get back to them have plenty to pass their time with even without my replies! ;)

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Total Words Written: 211.921

Just a quick update today since I'll have to get up way earlier than I'd like to on a Saturday tomorrow and therefore should get my butt into bed ASAP.

Writing went rather well today, despite me winging it without any real idea of what I wanted to write when I started out. I knew I needed some sort of bridging between where I left off yesterday and what I'm going to write as the (this time really!) last scene of the chapter, but I really had no idea what this bridge could be.

Well, the boys did step up to the challenge admirably and nearly wrote that part themselves, so I'm not complaining about them taking the initiative this time ;)

And with that, and the very lovely outlook on writing sex tomorrow (YES!), I'm going to try to get my brain to shut down and sleep now :)
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Total Words Written: 210.961

Turns out not letting the scene end where I thought it would end was the best idea ever. I can't remember having that much fun writing in forever (that obviously excludes writing sex!) - putting poor Orlando through a spot of torture is just too enjoyable *rubs hands* *giggles*

Poor boy. Not!

It's amazing how a random idea can spark such a cascade of, well, even better ideas. Ah... lovely, just lovely! *hehehe*
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Total Words Written: 209.856

Guess what? The scene doesn't end where I left off yesterday after all.......
Big surprise... NOT!


I remembered I had to have our boys burn off some excess calories still, and preferably naked. And -me being me- instead of just jumping ahead to the fun, my crazy brain came up with a scheme of what the boys could do between yesterday's last sentence and said calorie-burning, which involves a lot of blowing. Done by Sean. Straight!Sean.

Don't ask, you'll find out soon enough. (hopefully, soon enough) ;)
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Total Words Written: 209.092

I'm not entirely sure, but I think I might have finished the scene up, tonight. It's not... how shall I put it?... it's not a "real" end, but at the same time it feels like a good point to break away from the situation and maybe bridge what's not explicitly said about how the evening goes on in a kind of re-cap at the beginning of the next chapter (I suspect there will be a new chapter beginning with the next scene... possibly. Maybe.)...

In any case, right at this very moment I don't know what more to add to the scene/what needs to be added to the scene in order to make it work in the bigger picture.
But as we all know, this time tomorrow things might look vastly different if there's some random idea jumping me while I'm innocently minding my own business, stretching...

I'll keep you posted! ;)
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Total Words Written: 208.106

New month, old problem....
I'm once again waiting for my damn professor to upload tomorrow's slides (I really have to figure out a way to write her into my story and make her suffer!!!!), but -as per usual- this gave me the time to write a bit and actually manage to hit today's word-goal, so there's that at least.

Otherwise, I'm still working on the scene the boys have maneuvered me, or rather themselves, into and hope to get even somewhat right. Ah well. If called out on it, I'll just call it "creative license" ;)

And now, it's time for me to hit the pillow.... WITHOUT slides! *grumbles* Damn that woman!
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Total Words Written: 207.311

Is it just me or does time really fly?
Today marks the last day of Camp NaNo, and it incidentally also saw me reaching my "inofficial" word-goal for this challenge.

Before really starting out on this little adventure, I have had the idea of setting my Camp NaNo goal to 25.000 words, or in other words, half of what I had to write during NaNoWriMo. In face of how much work I saw myself buried under with uni and life in general, sensibility won out in the end and I compromised with myself, settling for what I thought would be a way more realistic, if possibly still difficult to reach, 20.000 words.
But I never abandoned the idea of trying to hit the 25.000 words in 30 days completely, making it my (unvoiced) private goal should I manage to reach the official goal before April 30th.

As you know, I did. And so I wrote on, not necessarily intent on reaching the additional 5.000 no matter at what cost, but still... hoping, I think you could say.

Anyway, long story short - it is now official. I end Camp NaNo with 25.419 words written and some serious good mood ;)

What a way to end the week, and the month! :D
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Total Words Written: 206.433

Well, well, well...
As I mentioned more than once already, I knew the boys would go off the beaten path now that I'm winging it again... what I didn't expect, though was how often they would manage to surprise me in just two or three days....

Hm. Right.
I'll just roll with it for now, I guess.

Looking at it optimistically, the direction they just went is something I haven't ever written before. And we all know I thrive on a challenge... So yeah, this could be fun!

And with it being May 1st on Monday, and therefore a bank-holiday, I'll be able to get a bit of writing in tomorrow night... I'm really looking forward to finding out how I'll be able to handle that particular scene! :D

I hope you're all having a great weekend!
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Total Words Written: 205.345


And in celebration I wrote another 1000 words.

Right, I would have written them anyway, but who cares? ;)

Anyway, today the tables turned on me... you might recall me being hungry yesterday led to the boys having a BBQ. Well, today I needed an idea for dessert and took to my trusty picture search....... well, now I really, really, REALLY want the cake I chose for the guys to have.

Damn :D
*ambles off in search of a sweet treat*
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Total Words Written: 204.251

Let me tell you one thing: I should definitely stop writing while hungry!
Seems like our boys are now having a BBQ...


(And while I certainly suspected the boys doing whatever they wanted to, I didn't see my personal longing for food influence yet another part of this story! It isn't as if the boys haven't had tons of food I wanted to have in that moment, over the course of the past 200.000 words... *sigh* It going to be a small wonder if they don't come out of that story overweight at that rate...
Ah well, I can always have them have sex to burn a few excess calories, right? Right!)
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Total Words Written: 203.133

Just a rather short writing session today, but with having finished Camp NaNo I'm rather okay with that. I have come up with a rough idea of what to include in the chapter I'm currently writing this afternoon and therefore have a general idea of what I'm going to be writing tomorrow, so that's great.

Meanwhile, one of my lovely characters suddenly developed a talent I didn't see coming, but hey, it works beautifully and got me hitting my word-goal today in no time at all... I'm not complaining, for once ;)

(But I did predict my boys going off the rails again now that I'm more or less winging it on a day-to-day basis, didn't I?!?? ;) )
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Total Words Written: 202.281

Ladies! Today is a day of celebration!
I've officially reached my word-goal for Camp NaNo!

You want proof? Here it is! ;)

In other words, I've written a good 1.000 words today, though I suspect that a lot of them will ultimately fall prey to the Red Pen of Beta ;)
No, in all seriousness, I don't really know where what I wrote today came from. It certainly wasn't something I had on the radar, and it ultimately doesn't really add to the story, but rather gives a bit of background knowledge about the location or rather the inhabitants of the city/country my story is set in.
It isn't really a necessary part, but for now I'll keep the passage and see if it survives my revision and/or beta later on.

And now I'll celebrate my triumph with a cup of tea and a few ladyfingers ;)
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Total Words Written: 201.193

As those of you actually taking a good look at these updates might have noticed, I have upped my personal word-goal challenge to 250.000 words. The current plan is to hit that number by the end of June, that is if my story doesn't come to an end before that (which I currently doubt, but who knows... I might suddenly develop the talent to keep myself short and tell the tale I want to tell without any additional fanfare....)

In other news, my Easter break has officially come to an end *sigh*, so I'm back to the "may or may not find the time to write today"-situation for at least two or three days of the week.
And despite my best intentions, I naturally didn't get my research and planning for the build-up to the main action done during the last two weeks, so I'm back to more or less winging it until inspiration strikes, and/or I finally sit my butt down and do some of said research.

Ah well, that at least should keep you entertained while I'm complaining about my characters running off in every imaginable direction again ;)
Sounds like fun, right??!
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Total Words Written: 200.089

With tonight's writing session I've successfully reached my personal "200.000 words until the end of April"-goal!

For Camp NaNo, I still need to write 1.815 words over the course of the next week, but that should be easily doable, despite uni starting up again on Monday.

I can't tell you how happy I am :)
I know, I have said it quite a few times before, but I'll say it again: if you had told me on November 1st, 2016 that I'd have 200.000 words written by the end of April, I'd have told you to kindly let yourself check for un-diagnosed mental illnesses like delusions... And yet, here I am, having typed out more words than I could have ever imagined writing after my muses went on extended vacation a good 10 years ago, and not nearly finished yet.

It has been a thrilling, joyful, sometimes frustrating ride. I've had my ups and downs, and I sure as hell had my share of troubles with keeping my characters halfway in check, hoarding them back in from whatever tangent they decided to go off on, catering to their demands for "more" and "not yet" and "let me have that moment please", but in the end, it's been an incredibly joyful experience and I can't wait to see where the story, the characters and my random ideas of what I could add to make things a bit more entertaining for my future readers will take me over the course of the next... well, hopefully not 200.000 words, but I'm sure there's still quite a bit to come :)

And, as always, my endless gratitude goes to the incredible [personal profile] silvan_lady! Without her encouragement (and inspiration!) I would have never really entertained the idea of trying my hand at creative writing again and particularly not writing a V/O AU.
And most of all - kudos to her for volunteering to beta this monster if I ever manage to finish it! What a brave woman! *hugs*

And to you, who are actually reading my daily rambling updates and are still not bored to death or completely pissed off with me for clogging up your friends/reading page: thank you all for bearing with me :) I just hope you'll be able to one day actually read what I'm constantly babbling about!

And with that I'm wishing you all a lovely Sunday with a lot of sunshine and relaxation!
I'll see you all on Monday, I guess :)



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